No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2426

Jackie’s explanation, however, did not wholly satisfy the vice-treasurer.

After all, Jackie’s response had not been what the vice-treasurer wanted to know. The vice- treasurer frowned and opened his mouth, wanting to question Jackie even further.

Jackie gave him no such opportunity and, instead, answered the most pressing questions.

“I learned the Way of the Pill from my master. Everything I know was passed to me by my master.”

As for why I came here despite having a master, well, it’s very simple.

My master garnered jealousy wherever he went because he knew the Way of the Pill.

He was killed a few months ago.

I came here to look for the person and seek revenge for my master.'”

Jackie’s eyes darkened with pain and hatred as he spoke.

It was as if someone truly had killed his whole family.

Jackie had met various kinds of people in recent times.

He was actually incredibly impressed with those who were incredibly good at acting.

Ever since he had been sent to Middle Province, Jackie had been working hard on his acting skills.

After all, he felt like he would need it eventually.

After all, there were many hidden talents in Middle Province, and he could not casually reveal his true identity to everyone, either.

Only great acting skills would help him hide his status.

The vice-treasurer did not answer immediately after those words.

Instead, he looked at Jackie with a searching look in his eyes.

Jackie did not meet the vice-treasurer’s gaze and instead lowered his head, simmering in his anger.

The vice-treasurer looked at him like that for a good while before averting his gaze, After that, the vice-treasurer seemed to have made a decision.

He gave a small nod. “You’re quite a good sprout. I know you’re in a rush to become a sixth-grade alchemist right now.

You’re probably looking to climb up step by step until you have enough power to take revenge for your master.

“Middle Province Alchemist Alliance is indeed a good place, but it has a fatal flaw. Good places naturally attract more masters.

“If you go there, your intelligence might not genuinely show through. Why don’t you stay at Heavenly Pills instead? I’ll let the head treasurer know about you. You ‘ll be given a lot of resources to cultivate your talents.”

The vice-treasurer had been very earnest when he said that, with no inkling of deceit in his words.

Jackie, on the other hand, frowned, not saying anything immediately.

Jackie had no doubts of the vice-treasurer’s intentions.

Jackie was a prodigy, definitely far better than the other students there. The vice- treasurer felt like he was worthy of being brought up, so the vice-treasurer would naturally want him to stay.

If he stayed, it would be a tremendous boom for Heavenly Pills.

However, Jackie did not want to remain.

The vice-treasurer might be right; Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was definitely somewhere masters gathered.

With so many masters within, any ordinary prodigy would not be in such a great position.

They might not be given too many resources and might have to rely on themselves, yet those were for regular masters. Jackie was not one of them.

Jackie’s biggest advantage was his complete self-awareness.

After absorbing the great warrior’s memories, he was no longer the same as he was before.

To Jackie, alchemy was far easier than it was even to all the masters present.

He just needed some time.

As long as Jackie had enough time, he would be able to shine brightly even in the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.


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