No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2425

The only thing in their eyes was the ever- changing runes.

Jackie, Gilbert, and Andrew saw nothing else and cared for nothing.

Jackie let out a small sigh, not looking up to see the reactions of everyone else.

However, Jackie did not need to even look. He could easily imagine the shock on everyone’s faces as he showcased his talent.

Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but mumble in his heart, ‘I wonder if this is considered slow…

To keep a lower profile, Jackie deliberately slowed down the speed at which he was forming the pills. If he had kept his regular pace, he would already have formed 800 runes.

However, he knew very well that it would only invite greater suspicions from the vice-treasurer if he did that.

He might even be kept behind as a lab rat to be experimented on.

He was not willing to remain in Heavenly Pills.

He only had one goal, which was to enter the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance and climb the ranks there.

With the status of an alchemist, he would be able to get more spirit crystals to buy the ninth- grade spirit crystals.

After a moment, Jackie finally put his hands down.

300 runes that glowed in a faint gold color floated before Jackie.

There was no need for anyone else’s as everyone took the scene in.

Jackie had succeeded in an incredibly clean and beautiful manner.

At that moment, Jackie looked up at everyone in front of him thoughtfully.

After a short moment of silence, they no longer looked at Jackie with the same shocked look as before.

However, some of them still looked at Jackie as if he was a monster.

The vice-treasurer did not say anything.

If it were not for his slowly widening eyes, Jackie would have thought the vice-treasurer was able to keep his composure, that the vice-treasurer was able to calm himself despite the excellence Jackie had shown.

“Vice-treasurer, what do you think about this result? Do I have the right to become a student of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance? Jackie said calmly.

His question was a pointless one.

If Jackie did not have the right to be a student of the Middle Province Alchemist alliance after that showing, then no one did.

Looking at Jackie’s abnormally calm expression from the start, the vice-treasurer narrowed his eyes slightly.

He said in a slightly hoarse voice, “You’ve learned the Way of the Pill before?”

It was a question that did not need answering.

If Jackie had not learned the Way of the pill before, he would never have been able to form those pill runes.

Jackie nodded slightly as an answer.

Seeing the nod, the vice-treasurer immediately asked, “What Way of the Pill did you learn? Since you’ve learned the Way of the Pill, why did you enter Heavenly Pills?

“Don’t tell me you came in because you love and admire this place. That’s a very foolish reason, I won’t believe it..”

The vice-treasurer stared right at Jackie as he spoke.

It looked like he wanted to seee into Jackie’s inner thoughts through Jackie’s face.

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

The moment he decided to show off his skills, Jackie already had a plan.

“Heavenly Pils is the largest pill store in Rosefinch City. I came here to start a new life, so it’s only natural that I need to pick the best place. My friend happened to know Mr. Simmons, so I managed to become a student here.”


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