No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2424

There was no need to compete anymore. Gilbert and Andrew were no match for Jackie as well.

The most essential thing to become a sixth-grade alchemist was the final refinement of the pill and pill runes.

Only a 50-percent and above refinement would be successful. The refinement depended on the quality of one’s pill runes.

The quality of Gilbert and Andrew’s pill runes could not compare to Jackie’s at all.

The pill runes that Jackie condensed were not just glowing with energy, but each sliver of pill aura was distributed very evenly. There was no need to even look at it in detail. Just with their eyes, it was easy to tell that Jackie’s pill runes were of very high quality.

If he used them in refinement, it would absolutely reach 50 percent or above refinement. Even though the vice-treasurer was the only one there who had ever learned the Way of the Pill, it was still something visible to the naked eye.

Everyone was speechless at that moment.

The vice-treasurer stared at the scene with widened eyes. His lips constantly twitched, not daring to believe that what he was seeing was real.

Jackie’s hands constantly moved, and he controlled every sliver of pill aura perfectly. Those movements were not something any regular student could do.

Even the eldest student among them would not be able to compare to Jackie. If the vice-treasurer did not knów of Jackie, he would have thought that a true sixth-grade alchemist was standing in front of him.

Only sixth-grade alchemists were able to control pill aura with such familiarity and condense pill runes with such ease.

“Is he really a student?” said the vice treasurer after being silent for a long time Raphael could no longer stand by the side silently. He nodded. “He is. He’s the youngest among us, the eleventh student.”

After he said that, Raphael took out the gold plate that Jackie had obtained. He showed everyone the gold plate in his palm.

“This is the gold plate that Jackie had gotten.”

There was no one around that did not know the rules of the pill aura room. As long as anyone could condense 200 pill runes in the room, they would get a gold plate as a reward. The gold plate could be used in exchange for three portions of materials for sixth-grade pills.

The vice-treasurer did not know what to say at that point. His lips twitched. “No wonder you barely had a reaction earlier. You already knew everything..”

After that, the vice-treasurer frowned as he looked at Jackie, saying with some suspicion, “If he’s new, he hasn’t learned the Way of the Vermillion Fire Pill yet. What sort of Way of the Pill did he learn? After that, the vice-treasurer turned around to face that short student from earlier. “

“Go and look into who Jackie is. I want every single detail of what happened since he stepped into Heavenly Pills. want every single detail of what happened since he stepped into Heavenly Pills.Leave no detail out in your findings!”

The vice-treasurer’s tone was incredibly serious. The ninth student nodded earnestly after hearing that. Even though the ninth student was a bit naive, he was no idiot. He heard how serious the vice-treasurer was.

He would no doubt properly perform his task and leave a good impression with the vice-treasurer. It might gain him bigger benefits in the future.

The three of them who were condensing the pill runes did not even notice the ninth student leaving. They were lost in their own world.


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