No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2423

Jackie remained unbothered by Gilbert’s actions as he said, “You’ve wasted so much time with pointless words, and there’s no point getting yourself worked up over something that won’t affect you anyway. Isn’t that right, Gilbert?”

Andrew burst into cackles at Jackie’s words. He might think that Jackie was a nutcase, but the enemy of his enemy was still his friend. Since Jackie was at odds with Gilbert, then he would side with Jackie.

Moreover, Andrevw did not think Jackie had a chance to win. That would be all too bizarre if Jackie won.

After a short silence, the students that were standing behind the vice-treasurer suddenly started to discuss among themselves.

Damien knew who Jackie was. “This guy’s name is Jackie. There’s got to be something wrong with his brain, I know it. He’s only been a student for a short time, but he’s actually trying to compete with Gilbert and Andrew. Where did he get that courage from?”

“I think he’s crazy, too. I don’t even think he knows what pill runes look like. Maybe he needs Andrew and Gilbert to show him? After that person said that, an uproar of laughter was suddenly heard all around. Some of them were even clutching their stomachs as they laughed at Jackie as if they had seen a complete idiot.”

The calmest person present was Raphael. Raphael let out a sigh of exasperation as he looked at the gold plate in his hand. He then focused his attention on the other students that were giggling and sneering. He helplessly held the gold plate in his palm, not saying anything.

Despite their constant laughter, Jackie was not bothered by it at all. Jackie remained standing upright as he said, “Aren’t we starting yet?’

Gilbert felt like Jackie’s words were basically a challenge to the rest of them. Gilbert wanted to use his skills to prove that Jackie was just a complete idiot.

Hearing those words, he averted his gaze as his hands constantly moved. A red glow was on his fingertips.

The pill aura around him was absorbed wave by wave as he slowly condensed pill runes one at a time. Staring at runes that were forming in Gilbert’s hands, Andrew Was not going to allow himself to fall behind.

He adopted the same stance as he slowly started to form runes as well.

Jackie glanced at the two of them as he sighed in exasperation.

He had not wanted everything to advance so quickly, but he had to win this no matter what. Thinking about that, he got serious as he fixed his gaze on his fingers. He separated himself from his surroundings.

He started to wave his hands as well, but it was a golden light that suddenly appeared in his hands instead. He rapidly absorbed the surrounding pill aura, and faint golden runes started to condense in the air one by one.

Jackie’s progress was incredibly natural to him, since he had already condensed them in the pill aura room numerous times. On the other hand, the others paled as if they had seen a ghost.

The vice-treasurer was especially shocked when he saw Jackie’s incredibly fluent motions. After Jackie condensed a pill rune, his jaw dropped in shock, refusing to believe it was all real.

Jackie’s rate of condensation was far too quick, so much so that Gilbert ánd Andrew could not compare at all. For every ten pill runes Jackie formed, Gilbert and Andrew could only form one.

Furthermore, from the glow and aura of the pill runes, Jackie’s pill runes were far better in quality than the other two.

Damien’s face stiffened as he pointed at Jackie. “What…?”

He was stunned for a long time, not able to say anything. If he had not pinched himself, he would have thought he was dreaming, that none of this was real!

The vice-treasurer was rendered just as speechless by the shock. Everyone had been submerged in a strange silence.

Not one student spoke as everyone quietly watched on.


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