No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2422

Had the vice-treasurer not been there, the other students would have burst into yells and cheers in support of the one they were rooting for.

Jackie speechlessly looked to the side. The vice-treasure took a deep breath before he said in a low voice, “Start!”

With that cue, footsteps were suddenly heard next to him, and an unknown face had started walking toward the east.

Each step he took had been very steady, but he was not like Gilbert from earlier, who walked with a sense of emptiness. He did not seem to care about the baffled looks he received.

Gilbert’s mouth hung wide open. “What are you doing here?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and calmly answered, “What about you? What are you doing here?”

He shot the words right back at Gilbert, angering Gilbert in the process. “I’m here to show this guy who’s stronger and to obtain the right to enter the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance as a student!

“snapped Gilbert. Gilbert’s words were filled with a clear arrogance as if he was just born naturally better than everyone else.

Jackie nodded as he said very calmly, “I’m doing the same.”

Everyone was stunned by Jackie’s words, and his response even rendered the vice- treasurer frozen on the spot. Everyone looked at Jackie as if he was crazy. There were so many people present, but most of them had only seen Jackie for the first time.

After all, he never actually appeared in front of everyone else as the eleventh student.He had spent most of his time in his room or the Selena Cloud Room, and he had rarely interacted with anyone else.

Jackie just suddenly came out and suddenly stood next to Gilbert, claiming he would compete as well. He said he wanted the right to head to the Middle Province Alchemist Union, which completely puzzled everyone.

Everyone assumed Jackie had gone bonkers, that he probably did not even know what the Way of the Pill was. He was probably thinking that he could condense pill runes just because others could.

Gilbert almost laughed from how angry he was. “Are you crazy? Do you even know what we’re doing?”

Jackie actually could not be bothered with Gilbert, but if he did not respond, the vice- treasurer might just kick him out and call him crazy.

That was something Jackie was not willing to let happen, so he was forced to be patient. “What does whether or not I’m crazy have to do with you? I came here to compete, not to waste time with you. Didn’t you hear the vice-treasurer’s words earlier?”

“Let’s prove whether or not we’re right through our results. I came here to do just that. I won’t affect you condensing pill runes by standing here, anyway.”

Jackie’s words were quite reasonable, causing the vice-treasurer to not have any reason to question him. After all, Jackie was a student as well, even though the vice-treasurer seriously suspected that the kid did not even know what pill runes looked like.

However, after Jackie’s explanation, he would be incredibly unfair if he did not give Jackie a chance.

Moreover, Jackie being there would not affect anything. It would just look like one more person was attempting to condense the pill runes.

Gilbert’s lips twitched. He was starting to hate Jackie to the core.

Every time Jackie spoke, Gilbert felt like he could say nothing in response. This was just like last time, with Jackie practically stuffing a sock in his mouth.

Gilbert’s hands started to tremble. If the vice-treasurer had not been looking at him, he would have rushed over and tried to choke Jackie.

Even though he knew he was no match for Jackie, he was far too angry. Despite his anger, however, Jackie did not even spare him a second glance.


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