No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2421

Jackie’s eyes widened. What surprised him was the fact that there was nothing in the pill aura room at all; it was just a completely empty room.

Before, the darkness had always covered everything, but this time, the darkness dispersed and left nothing behind.

Thankfully, the space was large enough.Even after the vice-treasurer asked all of them inside, it did not feel crowded at all.

All of them stood in the pill aura room, and the dense smell of the pill aura assaulted their noses, encompassing them all.

Jackie raised an eyebrow curiously. He wondered why the place was covered in darkness if it was so empty. It felt like they were hiding something.

At the start, Jackie never felt anything about it because he did not understand enough to notice anything strange. After looking at it, Jackie started to have doubts. Alas, he was unable to investigate anything even if he wanted to. AIl he could do was stand quietly by the side, making sure to not suppress all of his questions.

He would solve them one by one eventually.

The vice-treasurer turned toward everyone. “The same conditions apply. Whoever manages to condense three hundred pill runes will gain the right to be a disciple in the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.”

Everyone got a little excited when they heard the vice-treasurer’s words. They all started to look at Gilbert and Andrew. They had already heard from the vice-treasurer that Gilbert and Andrew had already learned the Way of the Pill, and a long time ago at that.

Condensing a few hundred pill aura runes should be doable for them. The biggest hope for the students around was to learn the Way of the Vermillion Fire Pill and become a sixth-grade alchemist.

Upon that achievement, they would soar high up in the skies and be looked up upon by everyone.

However, they had never seen anyone condensing any pill runes, so they did not even know what pill runes looked like.

Even Raphael clenched his fists emotionally, taking a deep breath as he looked at the two.

The vice-treasurer raised an eyebrow as he pointed toward the east. “Whoever wants to condense pill runes can stand there. The rest of us will stand at the west to not interrupt you.”

The moment he said that, Gilbert immediately walked forward toward where the vice-treasurer pointed to. Each step he took looked like he was about to take the final step onto the peak of the mountain, attempting to look impressive.

Jackie pursed his lips speechlessly. The more Gilbert acted like that, the more Gilbert looked like he was just blowing out hot air. It was as if Gilbert thought that everyone would look down on him if he did not act the part.

Hilarious, those kinds of people were. They insisted on using such empty methods to make themselves look better, but it was completely useless.

Looking at Gilbert walking up front toward the east, Andrew smirked, unable to water down the disdain in his eyes. To Andrew, Gilbert looked like a clown walking toward the stage.

Gilbert stopped, and Andrew walked to the east as well, standing about a meter away from him. After the two of them stopped, everyone held their breath, except for Jackie.

The competition would determine who the strongest was outside of thé eldest disciple. In the Hestia Continent, there was competition everywhere. Even the smallest circles had people fighting to stand on top.

Every fight would cause immense excitement. Even though the others were doing their best to hide the excitement in their hearts, it was still obvious from their shining eyes that they looked forward to the fight.


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