No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2420

The student suddenly turned his head and looked at Gilbert stiffly.

“Gilbert, is Andrew telling the truth? Those words you said earlier had never been for my sake! They were all so you’d get the good tasks to yourself!”

Gilbert’s face darkened at the accusations. He hurriedly turned away, trying to save the situation, but Andrew seized the initiative. “That’s why I said that your talents might be decent enough to turn into a student at the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, but you’d still be representing Heavenly Pills.”

“You have such a scheming, shameless mind. If you pull anything in the Middle Province Alchemists Alliance, won’t you embarrass Heavenly Pills entirely?!”

At those last words, Andrew shot his gaze at the vice-treasurer. The vice treasurer was taken aback, and abruptly looked over at Gilbert.

Gilbert was scared stiff. He thought for a moment before he shook his head vehemently. “Vice-treasurer, listen to me. You can’t believe this guy and his words. I You can’t believe you’ve never done anything so selfish!”

“Even though there are some tasks that are easy but yield high rewards meant for new students, the difficulty is relative.

“If they fumbled in their tasks, it’d be a loss for Heavenly Pills as well!”

Gilbert became louder as he spoke, and even his confidence started to peak the more he talked. He felt as though everything he did was for the sake of Heavenly Pills. After all, most of the good tasks meant dealing with clients and helping Heavenly Pills refine pills.

They might be small matters, but handling them badly would lead to disastrous results. Gilbert forced out some tears as he spoke, as if he had been greatly insulted and slandered.

The ninth student’s whole body trembled. He no longer believed in Gilbert and wanted justice for himself. He was meant to be able to get a lot of merit points, but it had been stolen away by a shameless man. The ninth student became more irate the more he thought about it, feeling like he had been schemed against.

If the vice-treasurer had not been there, he might have rushed at Gilbert to fight him.

The situation was looking like it was getting too chaotic to control, so the vice-treasurer shouted loudly, “Everyone, shut up! I didn’t say all of that to have you fighting all over again! I’m just telling you obtaining the recommendation will need your own skills. Any schemes will be useless!”

After the shout, the vice-treasurer immediately raised his hand and pointed at the Selena Cloud Room. “Everyone, come with me to the Selena Cloud Room right now. Let your results speak for themselves!”

The vice-treasurer’s words immediately silenced the chaotic area. Even though Gilbert was still at odds with Andrew, they did not continue fighting.

Jackie merely followed behind them. He slowly walked toward the Selena Cloud Room, knowing the place like the back of his palm after being there so many times.

After everyone entered, the vice-treasurer did not stop at all. He reached out and opened the door to the pill aura room. It was completely pitch black inside. They looked on as the vice-treasurer raised his hands, shooting out waves of power. The pitch black pill aura room suddenly lit up, and light illuminated every corner of the room.


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