No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2419

“All of you here can take part. The first person to condense three hundred pill runes will be sent to the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.”

All the students were stupefied at what the vice- treasurer had said, eyeing the man with dubious expressions. A short student took a deep breath before summoning up the most courage he had ever done in his life. “Vice-treasurer, we don’t even know what the Way of the Pill looks like. How can we condense three hundred pill runes? Of the eleven students, only the eldest has seen the Way of the Vermillion Fire”

However, he was interrupted before he could finish.

“You truly are brainless. Do you think everything you see is real?”

Those words stunned the short student. He stared forward with a look of confusion, looking at the vice-treasurer before he looked at the other students.

Jackie sighed helplessly, immediately understanding what the vice-treasurer meant. He suddenly remembered how he met Gilbert the first time he entered the pill aura room.

Gilbert’s lips curled up into a prideful smirk. Gilbert did not say anything, but the look on his face had given everyone their answer.

The disciple was stumped for a long time before he said shakily, “Have Gilbert and Andrew already read the Way of the Pill?”

The vice-treasurer nodded. He had already known that long ago. The two of them had done quite a lot because of that matter in secret, while he merely turned a blind eye to everything.

He had been forced to reveal everything at that moment, or he would have kept on turning a blind eye. The short student said, “But…isn’t the Way of the Vermillion Fire Pill exchanged with merit points?”

Andrew let out a sigh as he looked at that student pitifully. “You poor thing. Someone has lied to you.” Did someone tell you that the best thing to do when taking tasks was to pick the ones that were worth fewer points? The lower merit points meant that the difficulty was lower. Truth be told, he didn’t say that for your benefit.

“He said all of that so he could claim all the high merit point tasks for himself. I already got two hundred merit points long ago, but I never announced it.”

“Nonetheless, I never relied on petty schemes to get my points. I don’t know about the guy next to me, though.” Once those words were spoken, Gilbert was once again on the complete defensive.

“What do you mean by that? Say it to my face! What schemes?!”

“He’s only been in Heavenly Pills for a short time. Are you asking someone not that good at fighting, who hasn’t been learning alchemy for that long, to claim the harder tasks? Aren’t you just harming him?”

Andrew slowly turned his head when he heard that and icily retorted, “Harm him? Don’t you feel guilty saying that? The others don’t know this, but you should know that there are some easy tasks with high merit points. There aren’t many of them, and the stewards would usually assign those tasks to the new students.

“If the students rejected it, then the task would be left without anyone to do it. After that, you’d just take it away and complete it yourself. Tell me, am I right? Am I, Gilbert?”

Those words caused Gilbert to choke and slowly turn purple. His hands shook, wanting to fight back with all his might.

At that moment, a look of realization crossed the ninth student.


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