No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2418

The vice-treasurer let out a cold laugh. “How embarrassing. You had such an ugly fight in front of all your fellow students. Do you think this looks good on you? Can’t you just let your skills do the talking? What is the point of all these schemes?!”

Those words seemed to have a clear target. After the treasurer finished speaking, he shot a sharp look at Gilbert.

Gilbert could feel that burning gaze of his and his throat tightened.

Jackie felt like laughing when he saw Gilbert’s state. Before, Gilbert seemed utterly dauntless, and he acted like he was the strongest person in Heavenly Pills.

However, when someone who was actually important appeared, he shrank into nothing.

Gilbert truly was not worth mentioning.

Jackie had beaten Gilbert up before and was already kind enough to show mercy. Jackie should have just shown Gilbert who he could not afford to offend back then.

Gilbert must have felt a pair of eyes sharply staring at him for too long that he looked up, meeting Jackie’s condescending stare in the process.

At that moment, Gilbert felt like he had been slapped a few times. His face suddenly reddened as he looked like he wanted to rip Jackie apart.

Jackie, however, raised an eyebrow, unbothered. His relationship with Gilbert was impossible to fix, anyway. If they had the chance, they would definitely kill one another, so there was no need to maintain any sense of peace.

The treasurer said, “The Middle Kingdom Alchemist Alliance is the holy land of all alchemists, despite the fact that the one in Rosefinch City is only an off-branch.”

“Nonetheless, we can’t rush things. Being able to become a student of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance is an honor.!”

When everyone heard that, looks of admiration appeared in their eyes.

However, Jackie felt like something was strange. Doubt loomed over him.

The treasurer’s words were hard to understand. The Middle Provin Alchemist Alliance truly was where all alchemists wanted to go, yet what they were doing was raising their own disciples to be sent there.

That was like spending money on someone else’s baby. It was not worth it at all, yet why did the way the treasurer speak seem to imply that honor was the main thing behind everything?

Jackie became even more confused at this point. However, he could not voice that question out at that moment, so he swallowed it back.

The treasurer continued, “I know what you’re thinking about; don’t think you’ve kept your thoughts that well. All your thoughts are written on your faces, and I can practically see that.”

“I don’t even have to put too much thought in it to see things clearly. Each of you wants to take the chance to fly, but that depends on your own skill.”

The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s branch is one of the better branches around. It’s not somewhere you can easily go to.

At that moment, the vice-treasurer paused as he sharply swept his gaze across everyone present, and that caught everyone’s expression.

Jackie looked very calm. That might have been what caused the vice-treasurer to look at Jackie longer than the others.

Of course, Jackie felt the difference as well, but he maintained his ignorant look.

The vice-treasurer took a deep breath and continued, “Since a selection has to be made, the most excellent one will naturally be chosen. Since you’re bickering away like this, why don’t I give you all a fair chance to compete?”


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