No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2417

Raphael visibly jolted upon hearing Jackie’s abrupt whisper into his ear. After he took a deep breath, he turned around and said seriously, “That’s true. I heard that it hasn’t been very peaceful internally. Something seems to have happened. As for what, I have no clue.”

However, the major incident seems to have caused a lack of alchemists. Hence, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance is trying to get a new batch of students as soon as possible to bolster their numbers. Hearing that explanation, Jackie froze,

suddenly very interested in the matter.

Everything he had been doing was all to earn a recommendation to be able to take the test at the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, after all.

Heavenly Pills might have been an amazing place for regular students, but it was far too small for someone like Jackie.

With that in mind, Jackie immediately decided.

Even his expression changed.

Raphael, who had been paying attention to Jackie the whole time, was stunned when he noticed Jackie’s sudden change in expression.

He seemed to think of something and, after refraining himself for a while, eventually blurted, “It looks like you’re interested as well.”

Jackie did not hide his intention and nodded, but he did not go into detail about it.

Raphael turned around, looking at the two who were still deep in their fight.

He kept his mouth completely shut after thinking about it.

He was not that skilled, anyway.

He would just be a complete spectator. It was better if he did not take part in anything.

Andrew and Gilbert’s fight was getting more intense.

The two of them were attacking each other’s weaknesses.

They knew a thing or two about one another, despite not getting along, even when they were fellow students at Heavenly Pills.

The two of them kept on bringing out the other party’s weaknesses, and they practically threw out every insult in the book.

Initially, everyone had been trying to pull them apart, but eventually, everyone decided to just watch the whole commotion transpire.

“Everyone, quiet!” a shout put their quarrel to a stop.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the noise.

It was someone with a deep, gray suit on, and he even had a crown on his head.

His anger-filled gaze swept through the crowd, and his entire get-up made it clear that he was not a common person.

His sharp eyes glanced at Andrew and Gilbert.

“Aren’t you embarrassed? Even if you voice out each of your weaknesses, do you think it’ll win you the rights? Since when did Heavenly Pills operate like this?! I’ve already told all of you before, what he wants is skill!”

Everyone stiffened at the man’s beratement.

Jackie did not know that person, but it was apparent from everyone’s expressions that that person should be the Heavenly Pills branch’s leader.

When the person finally stood still, everyone bowed at him respectfully.did

Jackie hurriedly followed suit.


It seemed that this person was the vice-treasurer of Heavenly Pills.

Heavenly Pills was a shop in the end, and the vice-treasurer must be an important position.

Jackie studied the man. The man really did have the air of authority, yet he looked very impressive.

Even though he was not that strong, there was a certain flair of influence that came from him.

Andrew and Gilbert who, moments ago, were fighting, suddenly quieted down like mice before the man.

They became mute in an instant and suppressed the anger that rose from their argument.


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