No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2416

“Furthermore, you know what sort of place the Middle Provine Alchemist Alliance is. Even if you have a bit of talent, your character isn’t up to par. If you go, you’ll probably embarrass Heavenly Pills!”

Those words effectively triggered Gilbert.

Earlier, Gilbert had just been a rooster baring its claws, but at those words, he had turned into a tiger, about to strike.

He reached out and wanted to grab the other person’s neck, but the other students quickly sprung into action,rushing forward to pull the two of them apart.

The scene was complete chaos, and no one could tell who was who.

Looking at the scene, Jackie’s lips twitched speechlessly. He turned around to look at Raphael, who had a frown on his face.

“Are they really going to start fighting.?”

Jackie raised a brow at Raphael after he heard that. It seemed like those two had long harbored vengeance against one another.

At that moment, the two of them were already red in the eyes while the students around them were frantically pulling them apart.

Looking at the hatred in Gilbert’s eyes, Jackie suddenly thought of what happened a few days ago.

Gilbert had rushed into his room and accused him of numerous things.

Gilbert had said that he leaked Gilbert’s secrets and ruined his plans, and he even said that he would never let Jackie off the hook.

At that moment, Jackie might have been angered by Gilbert’s actions, but he was still incredibly confused.

What was that guy talking about? What plans were ruined?

At that moment, it seemed like the plans definitely had something to do with that man called Andrew White.

The atmosphere was incredibly heated between them, and the two of them seemed to want to rip the other apart.

“I already knew that you never liked me,” sneered Andrew.

“Even though no one said anything, I knew it all too well. You’re just a petty person who only understands jealousy.

“As long as you didn’t like anyone, you’d think of any way possible to target that person. It’s been so long, and you’ve targeted so many students. Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have a bit of talent?”

“I might not have been here for as long as you have, but I’m no weaker than you in talent! Everyone’s just being respectful to you because you’re a senior around here, but yoú genuinely thought you were better than you are. You kept on showing off in front of us every day!”

Gilbert’s face darkened at those words, and his whole body trembled in wrath.

Jackie, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow, feeling like Gilbert would faint at any moment from being provoked by Andrew.

Gilbert took a deep breath as he pointed at Andrew. “You disrespectful, vile thing! Do you think you’re helping everyone with those words?”

“Don’t think that everyone is dumb. You’ re merely saying those words to benefit yourself.”

The two of them quarreled away, much to Jackie’s entertainment. Even though the two of them were intensely fighting, Jackie had to say that both of them had their own reasonings.

Andrew’s words sounded like he was trying to fight for justice for everyone, but Andrew had said so because he wanted to kick Andrew out and win some honor for himself.

Thinking of that, he looked over at Raphael, who was watching the show with him.

Raphael’s expression was much more serious than Jackie’s.

It was as if something massive had happened.

He frowned and seemed like he wanted to say something.

Jackie lowered his voice and whispered to Raphael, “What are they fighting over? Are they fighting over the right to study at the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance?”


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