No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2414

He looked like he had heard a joke.

Jackie looked at him very calmly as if the laughter would go away quickly.

After a moment, Raphael finally stammered out as he laughed, “Have you really gone crazy? Do you really think that I’d actually think you managed to condense two hundred pill runes just by coming here on time for the past few days? Now you want me to help you get the materials for sixth-grade pills?

“Aren’t you too naive? You’re so naive it’s almost tragic. I don’t know what to say to you anymore!

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he produced a gold plate from the Mustard Seed, waving it in front of Raphael.

Raphael looked like his brain had completely stopped working the moment he saw the gold plate.

Even his smile froze on his face.

It took him a long time before he finally reacted.

His eyes bulged widely, almost popping out from their sockets, “What is this?” He shouted loudly.

Jackie pursed his lips in exasperation.

If it were not for the fact that he had to wait for Raphael to help him get the materials to make sixth-grade pills, he would not have bothered with that guy.

Jackie said, “What’s this? Can’t you tell? It’s what the pill aura room gave me after I condensed two hundred pill runes!”

In truth, Jackie had already successfully condensed two hundred pill runes and obtained the gold plate the second day he went there.

However, he still felt like he was not completely in sync with his memories at that moment, so he continued to try for a few more days.

Jackie then finally felt like he was more or less ready, so he planned On trying to refine a sixth-grade pill.

Raphael paled as his heart seemed to stop at that moment.

His fingers shuddered as he reached out to touch the gold plate.

He then pinched his right hand with his left.

The pain told him that he was not hallucinating, that he was not dreaming, and everything was real.

“You managed to condense two hundred pill aura runes?”

His mouth was so wide it could fit a whole duck egg inside.

Jackie nodded with an impatient look on his face.

“Weren’t you the one who told me the rules? As long as I managed to form two hundred pill runes, the pill aura room would give me this reward.”

Raphael took in a breath of cold air.

Then muscles on his body were all frozen stiff.

He did not dare to believe everything was real at all.

It was far too absurd that Jackie managed to do it! Absolutely absurd! If he had not seen it for himself, he would not believe that it was all real.

“You’ve Never even learned the Way of the Pill. Aren’t you someone who doesn’t even know what a pill rune looks like? How did you form two hundred pill runes?”

He could not understand at all.

The questions in Raphael’s head threatened to swallow him alive.

Jackie helplessly rolled his eyes and replied, “Who said I’ve never learned the Way of the Pill? Who told you I don’t know what a pill rune looks like? All of that was in your own mind.”

Raphael’s lips stiffened.

Jackie was right.

Jackie had not said anything from the start, everything had been assumed by him.

Yet, he never felt like he had said anything Wrong, was it all, not the truth?

Raphael’s eyes were wide as he continued, “But…”

Jackie reached a hand out to stop Raphael. “There are no buts. This is the truth. I’ve learned the Way of the Pill and also condensed two hundred pill runes.”


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