No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2413

Jackie did not turn his head around, and merely replied, “You can just ask right now.”

Looking at Jackie’s attitude, Raphael was abit unhappy. However, he knew that this guy was someone who did not even bother with Gilbert, let alone himself.

So, he held back the anger in his heart, and asked, “Have you heard about what happened with Gilbert? It’s been a huge commotion for the past few days. They all say this has something to do with you…”

Before Raphael could finish, he was interrupted by Jackie, “I don’t know anything about Gilbert. Ever since I entered Heavenly Pills, I haven’t done anything.

“Other than when Gilbert tried to cause some trouble with me a few days ago, I’ve never done anything. No matter who says it has something to do with me, don’t believe them. I really haven’t done anything,”

After saying that, Jackie closed the door immediately. With the tea still in his hand, Raphael could no longer hold back his anger.

“That brat…” He was about to curse but did not dare to.

After all, Jackie was not someone to be played around with.

Jackie did not even respect Gilbert.

If Raphael said anything that Jackie did not like, Raphael might actually get beaten up on the spot.

Jackie really did not care how Raphael was feeling At that moment, he had put all his heart into condensing pill runes.

The past few days of practice were already enough to slowly synchronize his mind and body.

After three hours, Raphael stood in front of the door with widened eyes. He seemed to be trying to see or hear something.

With a creak, the pill aura room’s door was opened from inside.

Raphael looked at the time as he raised an eyebrow. “Have you finally gotten sick of it today? You weren’t even in there for three hours. I thought you still have another hour to go.”

Jackie ignored him as he walked in front of Raphael,'”Go get it.”

Raphael was stunned as he turned his head around reluctantly. He looked at Jackie with a strange expression, “Get what?”

Jackie calmly said, “Materials for a sixth- grade pill. You said I could get three portions.”

Those words completely dumbfounded Raphael. His lips twitched as his eyes completely widened.

There was a big question mark on his head. “What are you talking about? What three portions? You’re asking me for materials?”

After thinking for a while, Raphael then said as he laughed, “Are you telling me that you managed to condense two hundred pill runes in the pill aura room? The pill aura room gave you a gold plate, so you’re asking me to give you three portions of materials for a sixth-grade pill?”Jackie nodded.

Raphael laughed even louder after seeing Jackie’s nod.

He laughed so hard that he had to put a hand against the door for support.


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