No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2412

Jackie did not answer him, and instead calmly pushed open the door to the pill aura room.

Raphael could not remain calm anymore after looking at his actions.

He could not help but rush forward to Jackie.

He reached out, pulled Jackie back, and said, “Jackie, I heard that you haven’t earned a single merit point since you came into Heavenly Pills. Is that correct?”

Jackie took a deep breath.

He really wanted to slap Raphael away at that moment, but if he did so, it would really cause a scene.

Instead, he held in his frustration and anger as he nodded earnestly.

Of course, he did not care about any of those merit points.

To Jackie, those points meant absolutely nothing.

The Vermillion Fire Pill was a priceless treasure to all these people here, but Jackie already had the Divine Void Pill.

The Vermillion Fire Pill was something incredibly useless to Jackie.

It was something Jackie would not want even if they handed it to him.

“No one is using the pill aura room right now anyway. I won’t be affecting anyone by going in. Just ignore it, alright? After all, I have the right to use it as well.” Jackie said.

Raphael looked at Jackie, his lips twitching. Jackie was looking more and more like a crazy person. He took a deep breath, “You really are insane!”

Jackie ignored Raphael as he pulled away Raphael’s hand that was on him.

He calmly walked into the room and closed the door shut behind him.

Raphael continued twitching as he looked at the shut door. After a long time, he said, “I give up. I’ve completely given up. I Really want to see what you’re going to pull off!”

The next few days, Jackie practically arrived at the same time at noon every day.

Raphael had been speechless initially, but he slowly became ignorant after that.

Raphael no longer had a change of expression when he saw Jackie in the afternoon.

He was already used to that crazy guy spending four hours every day staring at nothing inside.

He did not know if Jackie really was trying to absorb the pill aura or just staring into space. Did he really think that the pill aura room would help him in his training?

One day, after Jackie entered the Selena Cloud room, he greeted Raphael.

He then headed for the pill aura room as usual. He did not waste any time.

Jackie was stopped by Raphael before he could enter the pill aura room. “Where are you going in such a hurry? No one enters this place other than you and the eldest student anyway. Come drink some tea with me, I have something to ask you.”

Jackie frowned, not turning his head around.

He did not feel like wasting any time on Raphael, nor did he feel like chatting.

In Raphael’s eyes, Jackie might be in Heavenly Pills for his whole life.

Yet, Jackie was incredibly clear that Heavenly Pills was somewhere he was stopping by temporarily.

Jackie was already prepared.

The pill runes he condensed no longer produced any explosions.

Even the hardest pill runes were formed by Jackie effortlessly.

He was only one step away, and as long as he made one sixth-grade pill, he would be able to leave Heavenly Pills to do what he wanted to.

Jackie calmly said, “I’m very busy lately,Let’s talk another time.” Hearing Jackie’s words, Raphael was furious.

He stood up with his tea in hand and replied, “Busy? What are you busy with? Are you busy staring into space in the pill aura room?”

“I’ve really given up on you. You waste so much time in the pill room every day. Those who don’t know might actually think that you’re forming pill runes in the room. I’ve never seen anyone who’s able to pretend as well as you.”

Jackie took a deep breath as he walked into the pill aura room.

Seeing Jackie’s reaction, Raphael panicked a little. “I actually have something to ask you, that’s why I wanted to have some tea with you.”


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