No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2411

That was even the lowest possible standard.

No one knew what the final price of the ninth-grade spirit crystals would be, whether or not it would be worth ninety million.

Jackie had to be as prepared as possible.

Nash knew that everything Jackie was doing was in preparation for getting into Wild Gorge Pass.

He frowned and said, “It’s not just hard to enter that place, it’s dangerous as well. Do we really need to get the key?”

Jackie nodded without any hesitation. “We have to. The Scarlet Case is something even all those elders were fighting over. Even though I’m considered pretty decent on Hestia Continent, this isn’t my final destination. It’s just a relatively low starting point. We need to constantly look upward, and not settle for less. We can’t give up on any opportunity to keep climbing upward. The Scarlet Case and what’s inside the Scarlet Case. I want it all. There’s even that secret that has been bothering me.”

Since Jackie had said that much, Nash would not stop him.

All he could do was sigh quietly as he walked over and pat Jackie on the shoulder.

“I know you have a heroic heart, but I feel like the path forward will be very hard. You’ll definitely meet many obstacles in the future. You have to take care of yourself.'”

Jackie nodded, changing the topic to his future plans, he said, “I’ve already thought about it. I have to quickly level myself up and leave Heavenly Pills. There are too many flies here, it’s so annoying.”

The next afternoon, Jackie went to the Selena Cloud Room like the day before.

Raphael was the one standing guard that day as well. When Jackie entered, Raphael had been leaning against a table as he whistled a little tune.

When Jackie entered, he turned around with an irritated look.

When he saw that it was Jackie, the irritation deepened.

“What?! Why is it you again? What did you come here for today? Don’t tell me you still want to enter the pill aura room?”Jackie nodded.

That was obviously the reason he was there. He needed to synchronize his body and mind. Seeing Jackie, Raphael was rendered completely speechless.

He jumped up and put his hands on the table and said, “You’re really amazing.You went in there and did nothing for four hours, and you’re trying to do the same again today.Do you think that doing this will prove that you’re condensing pill runes?”

Jackie said helplessly, “You can think whatever you want.”

After that, he did not hesitate to enter the pill aura room. After all, everyone was either busy or resting at that time. There was only one other student in Heavenly Pills who had already learned the Way of the Pill, which was that eldest student that he had never seen before.

The others had never learned the Way of the Pill before, so the pill aura room was usually empty. Therefore, Jackie never needed to queue.

Raphael looked at Jackie with a conflicted look and said, “Are you really as crazy as I think you are? Even if you waste a few days there, no one will think that you’re condensing pill runes.

‘You’ve never even looked at the Way of the Pill before. You don’t even know what the pill runes look like. How could you condense any pill runes? Do you think everyone else is stupid?” Raphael really did not know what to say anymore.

He had seen crazy people before, and he had met idiots.

However, it was the first time he had met someone with Jackie’s particular combination.

He felt like Jackie’s actions had already exceeded the level of being dumb.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything in response.

Raphael could think whatever he wanted to.

After all, Jackie was the only one who understood the situation.

No one else would be able to understand, so he might as well not bother explaining.


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