No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2410

“Let me tell you one last time, quit annoying me if there’s nothing you need. Otherwise, that beating I gave you earlier will just be an appetizer.”

Jackie’s words had basically lit the ignition. It caused Gilbert to explode.

He suddenly walked forward and shouted angrily, “Jackie! Don’t be so pleased with yourself. Even though I can’t beat you in a fight, I can still deal with you!”

Jackie pursed his lips and said in a nonchalant manner, “Go ahead if you can but let me warn you. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like that from my enemies. Yet, they were the ones with the tragic ending.”

After saying that, Jackie decided to stop wasting time.

He turned around and left quickly, leaving the two of them behind.

Gilbert was completely infuriated by Jackie.

His whole body was shaking.

His eyes stared at Jackie’s back, wanting nothing more than to rush over and bite Jackie.

Raphael saw that the situation was not a good one and hurriedly reached out to stop Gilbert.

“Gilbert, calm down. This guy is just a bit dumb. If you keep fighting with him, you’ll just drag yourself into trouble.”

After all, in just a few more hours, you will have access to the Way of the Pill just like the eldest student does.

After that, you ll have your own opportunities to deal with that brat who doesn’t know his place!

Even though Gilbert was still shaking from anger, Raphael’s words had successfully consoled him.

Raphael was right.

The most important thing for Gilbert was to become a sixth-grade alchemist.

Once Gilbert was a sixth-grade alchemist,he would definitely make Jackie regret ever being born.

He took a deep breath.

His face was still pale.

After a good while, he turned around to look at Raphael and asked, “Did he really come here to condense pill runes?”

Those words were something even Gilbert found unbelievable.

Raphael could not hold himself back from laughing again.

He covered his mouth as he said, “He really did come here to condense pill runes. He even told me there were a total of a million pill runes initially. He didn’t seem happy when I laughed at him and insisted on going inside.”

He doesn’t even know what pill runes look like, but he stubbornly sat inside for so long.”

After hearing those words, Gilbert started to calm down. “He really is an idiot. He doesn’t even know what the Way of the Pill looks like. He dared to enter the pill room to condense pill runes.”

He thinks everyone will look at him more highly if he did that. He’s really so dumb!

Raphael started to laugh again.

He had thoroughly categorized Jackie as a complete idiot at that point, or Jackie would not have been able to do that.

After Jackie returned to his room,he immediately had Nash come out of Mustard Seed.

He then discussed his next move with Nash again.

After all, Jackie had never been born lucky.

He always had to rely on his own hard work to get anything

The sum he needed to make was not small.

Even if he managed to become a high-rank alchemist, it would take a lot of time before he could earn ninety million spirit stones.


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