No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2409

After all, his body was still struggling to keep up with his memories.

He still needed constant practice to completely acclimatize himself.

He took a deep breath as he reached out and erased all the pill runes he formed.

Suddenly, Raphael’s anxious voice could be heard from outside, “Jackie! Have you spent enough time inside? The time has already passed. Do you finally know what level you are at now?”

“Can you come out now? The most time anyone has spent inside the pill aura room is four hours. If you continue staying inside, you’ll take up everyone else’s time.”

Jackie raised his eyebrow excitedly.

The rule was quite a pleasant surprise for him.

Everyone could spend four hours training in the pill aura room each day.

As long as he kept on practicing every day, he should be able to improve drastically in just a few days!

With that in mind, he laughed softly as he turned around and opened the door to the pill room.

He immediately saw Raphael, who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow and a meaningful stare.

What surprised Jackie was the fact that his old friend, Gilbert was behind Raphael.

Gilbert looked at Jackie as if he was a stupid madman.

Jackie frowned, wondering why Gilbert was so much like a fly.

He saw Gilbert wherever he went.

In truth, Gilbert was no threat to Jackie at all, but his mouth disgusted Jackie.

Jackie did not want to waste his time on Gilbert, so he exited the pill aura room without saying anything, preparing to return to his room to train.

Yet, Gilbert shouted at him before he even took three steps, “Jackie, you really surprise me. You actually dare to step into the pill room, and spend such a long time in there too!”

“What were you doing inside? Are you trying to breathe in the pill aura to improve your training?”

After he said that, Raphael could not stop himself from laughing out loud. .

The Laughter was filled with mockery.

Jackie could not be bothered by Gilbert’s words.

He merely paused for a moment before continuing to walk forward.

Jackie completely ignored Gilbert which suddenly ignited Gilbert’s anger.

He raised his voice viciously, “I’m your senior, but you didn’t even greet me when you saw me. You’re so impossibly rude. Are you not afraid that I’ll bring you to Mr. Winston and have you kicked out?”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as a look of annoyance slowly appeared on his face.

He really did not like that guy. Each time, he felt the urge to attack and beat that guy up.

Jackie suddenly turned around and said, “Gilbert, are you really that free? Do you Not have anything else to do? Why do you keep finding trouble with me?”

“I ignore you because I don’t want any trouble, so can you just shut your mouth? Every time, whatever comes out of your mouth is a pain to listen to. Your actions really put you at the same level as those flies that eat trash at the side of the road.”

Raphael had just wanted to enjoy the show initially, but he widened his eyes when he heard Jackie’s words.

He looked at Jackie with an expression that seemed to be questioning Jackie if he had gone crazy.

Raphael coughed nervously. “Jackie, did you inhale too much pill aura earlier? You must have damaged your head to say all of that.

Don’t you know Gilbert is the second oldest student?

Jackie laughed before he slowly said, “Who cares about seniority? Aren’t we all students here? No one is higher than anyone else.”


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