No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2408

“Have you really gone crazy? You’ve never even learned the Way of the Pill before. How are you going to condense pill aura runes? Do you even know how they look?

Jackie ignored him as usual.

Jackie did not even turn his head around as he slammed the door behind him shut.

Everything around him suddenly turned dark. There was not a shred of light around him. Other than the scent of the pills, there was nothing else to show him where he was.

Facing the darkness, Jackie was not nervous at all.

There was no danger around him anyway, so he naturally would not need to worry about anything.

As he walked forward to where the smell of the pills was the densest, he said, “This should take four hours!”

Jackie gave himself four hours to acclimatize himself.

He needed to fuse his mind and body in those four hours.

His hands constantly moved as rays of golden light started to circulate on his fingertips.

The golden lights were as thin as hair. As fane constantly moved his fingers, their glow moved around in the air, forming a rune.

There was a bang, but the rune exploded in the air at the last stroke. Jackie frowned, he really had been too confident in himself.

The rune he had drawn was the most common and simple kind. It had felt quite simple drawing it, but at the last stroke, he did not manage to control the pill aura properly due to his mind and body not being synchronized.

Hence, they exploded.

Even though Jackie’s memories already had every detail of the runes memorized carefully, and there were no bottlenecks to stop him, his body could not keep up with his mind.

What he needed to do was to slowly allow his body to form its own muscle memory. So, he suppressed the disappointment caused by his failure and started to draw again.

Jackie’s hands were like comets in the night sky, illuminating the darkness with slivers of golden light.

A few more explosions followed after. Quite a few runes had exploded again because of Jackie’s inadequacy, turning back into pill auras.

Jackie frowned.

The explosions were so constant that Jackie had lost count of how many pill aura runes he had exploded.

Even though it was frustrating, it did not truly affect him.

Jackie’s hands constantly danced as he did all he could to synchronize his body with his memories.

Time ticked away.

He did not know how much time had passed when he suddenly heard frantic knocking.

The knocking on the door had broken him out of his stupor.

Six hours had passed, and Raphael was asking Jackie to get out.

Jackie did not expect that time would pass in the blink of an eye.

He looked at those runes he had formed that were floating around.

Those runes had a faint golden glow on them as they floated in the air.

There were at least a hundred runes in the air.

Even though Jackie had constantly failed, he had succeeded quite a lot as well.

It had only been his first try.

Being able to form a hundred pill runes was already quite the achievement.


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