No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2407

Jackie did not really feel anything after being mocked like that.

After all, Raphael did not know what he was capable of after all.

Raphael seemed to be getting addicted to mocking Jackie.

Jackie was about to ask if he could enter already, but Raphael did not give Jackie much of a chance to say anything.

He continued mocking, “You probably never even seen a pill rune before.

Ever since I’ve entered Heavenly Pills, I’ve never seen anyone else obtaining a gold plate other than our eldest student.

“It looks like you think that you’ll be the second person to obtain the gold plate.”

If the situation had allowed it, Jackie would have slapped that guy twice on the face.

The guy spoke so much as if he knew everything. Jackie turned around and looked at Raphael with a serious face.

“I definitely can get a gold plate, so I’ll just head inside right now. As long as I can condense two hundred pill runes, the pill aura room will automatically grant me a gold plate, is that right?”

Raphael was momentarily stunned again when he heard that.

He felt like he had underestimated how stubborn Jackie was.

Things were already in this situation, but the brat remained stubborn and obstinate.

Could he not tell that Raphael’s words were sarcasm? He actually dared claim that he would be able to get a gold plate!

The gold plate was not something that could be picked up just anywhere.

Did he really think he could get it so easily? Raphael had been in Heavenly Pills for quite some time already.

He had only seen the eldest student obtain a gold plate before.

It was not like the others had never tried, but they could not get any at all! Raphael was speechless for a few seconds before he burst out saying, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Jackie nodded, saying calmly, “Of course, I know what I’m doing. I also know that refining a sixth-grade pill would at least need eight hundred pill runes. Being able to form two hundred pill runes means that one is already on its way to becoming a sixth-grade alchemist. As long as one doesn’t encounter any bottlenecks, later on, one should be able to easily become a sixth-grade alchemist.”

Raphael let out a snort as he looked at Jackie in exasperation.

This time, Jackie was not lying.

The situation really was so.

Refining a sixth-grade pill required one to condense eight hundred pill aura runes.

Jackie could not be bothered to waste his time on Raphael anymore.

His time was valuable.

He did not want to get stuck in conversation with Raphael for too long. After shooting a glance at Raphael, he walked around the guy.

He arrived at the front of the pill aura room.

He reached out at the door as he turned his head slightly.

He said to Raphael, “Can I just enter like this? Are there any time restrictions?”

Raphael fixed a glare at Jackie’s hand that was on the handle. “Are you serious? You really are confident. Either that or something’s wrong with your head! Let me tell you, you can only be in the pill aura room for six hours at most. If you don ‘t come out after six hours, I’ll drag you out!”

Raphael had a hint of exasperation in his tone.

The brat did not seem to be willing to give up at all.

Raphael did not seem to be able to convince the guy otherwise while Jackie seemed to have a lot of confidence in himself.

Raphael would let Jackie see for himself how much the difference between Jackie and a sixth-grade alchemist was. Jackie nodded earnestly after those words, reaching out to push open the door.

The dense fragrance of pills assaulted Jackie’s nostrils. Just as Jackie was about to step inside, Raphael’s voice was heard again.


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