No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2405

However, that guy called Jackie in front of him would probably not even know how many pill aura runes there were, or how to even draw them, let alone be able to achieve fifty percent refinement.

After all, Jackie had never had the chance to learn the Way of the Pill before Jackie glanced at Raphael.

“There are a total of one million pill aura runes. Each rune can be overlapped with other runes to achieve special effects.”

It was all common knowledge in Jackie’s mind.

They were all things that he could pull out of his mind casually.

Yet, Raphael seemed to take his words as a joke and started to laugh out loudly.

That laughing fit was incredibly exaggerated as if he had heard an incredibly funny joke.

Jackie frowned, not saying anything Raphael pointed at Jackie.

“Jackie, you’re such a funny guy. Surely you don’t think I’ll believe you if you just spout some somebullshit?”

“Even though I’ve never learned the Way of the Pill, I understand this basic knowledge very well. A million pill runes? You actually dared to say that?! Are you not afraid people will laugh at you?!”

Jackie frowned and did not say a word.

He looked at Raphael calmly as he continued laughing.

After a while, Raphael noticed Jackie looking at him calmly and felt a little awkward.

He immediately composed himself, coughing slightly as he said seriously, ” There are a total of twelve thousand pill runes in the Vermillion Fire Pill! Even that is quite a lot.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Vermillion Fire Pill before.

Even among Middle Province’s various Ways of the Pill, it’s considered one of the better ones.

Even Vermillion Fire Pill only has twelve thousand pill runes, but you claim there are a million! You really are a true braggart!

Jackie frowned when he heard that, suddenly understanding.

The Way of the Pill from a first-grade world really was not just a little different from one from the third-grade one.

In the Divine Void Pill of the Divine Void Realm, there were at least a million pill runes.

Yet, a Way of the Pill in the Hestia Continent was already considered one at the peak with just twelve thousand runes.

Thinking about that, Jackie let out a small laugh as he shook his head slightly.

If he wanted to refine a sixth-grade pill, he would need to perfectly execute the last step.

After the pill takes shape, pills that were the sixth-grade and above would produce pill aura.

Alchemists needed to use that pill aura to draw runes, condensing the pill aura into pill runes.

They would then need to arrange the runes. Within four hours, the pill aura runes would fuse with the pill itself.

Only with a fifty percent refinement would the pill be considered successful.

The inheritances in the Way of the Pills were the countless runes that could be condensed as well as the arrangements of those pills.

There were only twelve thousand of them in the Vermillion Fire Pill, but the Divine Void Pill already had over a million.

It was obvious that the Divine Void Pill was at a much higher level than the Vermillion Fire Pill.

However, Jackie would never explain all of that to Raphael.

Raphael could laugh all he wanted, the ignorant were allowed their happiness.

Raphael thought that Jackie was incredibly funny.

He was laughing until his stomach hurt.

The brat thought that his random lies would be able to fool Raphael.

Did Jackie think everyone else was as dumb as him?

However, Raphael did not continue laughing.

It was mainly because Jackie’s expression was far too calm.

Jackie merely looked at him coolly as he laughed as if the one being laughed at was not Jackie.


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