No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2404

His lips twitched as he stared at Jackie. Jackie let out a helpless sigh, already expecting that something like that would happen.

Jackie was not in the mood to play around with Raphael at the moment. “Would you happen to know where I can get the materials for a sixth-grade pill? I want to try refining one,” Jackie repeated.

This time, Jackie was very clear with his words, as if each word was incredibly important. It was to make sure Raphael understands his request. Raphael had naturally understood, and the surprise in his eyes intensified.

His lips twitched for a long time before he said in exasperation, “Tell me, are you drunk?

Raphael was completely speechless. He did not know what that brat in front of him was talking about. A fifth-grade alchemist was trying to refine a sixth- grade pill before learning the Way of the pill?

The brat said those words so casually too. Raphael wondered if there was something wrong with Jackie’s brain.

Jackie sighed helplessly. He already knew that the only thing he would get from those words were questions about his sanity. Yet, Jackie no longer cared about all that.

After all, Gilbert would definitely cause him trouble. One or two more troublemakers would make no difference.

Jackie nodded before saying, “I’m not crazy. I really do want to refine a sixth- grade pill.”

Raphael let out a cold laugh.

He laughed so hard even his shoulders were shaking. ” You really are something else to say something like this on our first encounter. I really don’t know how you become a fifth -grade alchemist.”

“Don’t you know basic knowledge? You haven’t learned the Way of the Pill, so you won’t be able to condense pill energy.

Without the pill energy runes on the pills, you can’t refine sixth-grade pills!”

Jackie nodded at the basic knowledge.

It had already been ingrained in him with the senior’s memories.

Raphael saw that Jackie did not express any shock upon his words and merely nodded plainly. It served to render Raphael even more speechless.

He could not help but take a few steps forward, measuring Jackie as he did so. He looked at Jackie as if he was looking at a mad man.

Jackie merely stood there and allowed Raphael to examine him. Raphael looked out.

Almost everyone was busy dealing with customers or earning merit points at that moment.

Other than himself, only Jackie had come to the Selena Cloud room.

He had wanted to take the time to properly clean up the room during the two to four hours that no one would be here.

Yet, he somehow managed to stumble upon the miracle that was Jackie.

Not only did Jackie interrupt his cleaning, but Jackie had also even caused Raphael to want nothing more than to chase him out with a stick. He took a deep breath, suppressing his urge to mock Jackie.

“Since you already know, why are you so confident that you can refine a sixth-grade pill? I feel like you probably don’t even know how many pill aura runes there are.”

The benchmark of a sixth-grade pill was the pill aura that the pill aura runes formed as well as the refining of the pill itself.

The pills had to be fifty percent refined to be considered successful.

Without the fifty percent refinement, it would be a failed pill. Many people were stuck at that stage.


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