No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2403

Unexpectedly, Jackie’s eyes were only interested in all the alchemy rooms.

Jackie did not seem to notice Raphael at all as if he was invisible to Jackie.

Raphael had a bit of a sour expression on his face as he tossed the cloth on the table.

He moved forward with a slight frown as he said, “You must be the eleventh student.”

Raphael’s words pulled Jackie out of his thoughts.

Jackie let out a slight cough and nodded.

Raphael stared at Jackie with obvious unhappiness.

“I’m your senior, your fifth senior to be exact. My name is Raphael. Even though it’s the first time we’ve met, I have to remind you. There has to be some basic respect among students here. Even though you’re a fellow student, I’m still your senior.”

Raphael had wanted to let Jackie know that he had been far too impolite.

Jackie should have at least greeted him before he entered and initiated a conversation.

Jackie did not care about any of that at all.

It was as if Raphael amounted to nothing in Jackie’s eyes.

It angered Raphael a bit, and Jackie naturally could understand the meaning behind those words.

He sighed somewhat helplessly. With Jackie’s status, someone like Raphael was indeed not really worth noticing.

However, he was living under someone’s roof and due to the circumstance, he had to lower his head.

He nodded very sincerely and greeted,” Hello Raphael, I was just very curious because it is my first time here.”

Raphael raised an eyebrow before nodding slightly, accepting Jackie’s apology.

Yet, it somehow felt like Jackie was not apologizing at all.

Raphael let out a slight cough as he frowned. “Did you come here to practice alchemy?”

Jackie looks at Raphael, puzzled.

What else would the Selena Cloud Room be used for?

Was there something else here?

Looking at Jackie’s expression, Raphael immediately knew what Jackie was and what he was thinking.

Raphael explained with a stern expression, “What’s your level as an alchemist? If you’re not a fifth-grade alchemist, then you’d better not come here. You should first look for a few ingredients yourself. Come here after you’ve made fifth-grade pills.”

Jackie suddenly understood what Raphael meant after he heard that. It was not Daxia anymore.

In Hestia Continent, fourth-grade pills were nothing.

In Heavenly Pills’ eyes, fourth -grade pills were no different from trash.

Pills that had any value were all at least fifth grade.

The pills that come from the Selena Cloud Room would at least need to be at the fifth grade.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of resources.

Jackie nodded after understanding what Raphael meant.

“I’m a fifth-grade alchemist. I wanted to try refining a sixth-grade pill here. Do you happen to know where I can find the ingredients I need for a sixth-grade pill?”

Jackie was incredibly straightforward.

Jackie was really eager to see if he could refine a sixth-grade pill at that moment. Even though he had already absorbed the Way of the Divine Void Pill into his mind, he had never tried it out. He needed to merge both body and mind.

“What did you say?” Raphael widened his eyes as if he had heard something unbelievable.


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