No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2402

However, it was fine if he was not recognized.

All the servant needed to do was to recognize Jackie’s clothes to tell who Jackie was.

The servant scanned Jackie for a moment before saying, “You are.. the eleventh student?

Jackie was a little startled by the new title.

The eleventh student? After those words floated in Jackie’s head for a while, he suddenly understood.

Chandler had told Jackie before that he was the eleventh student that Heavenly Pills accepted.

Those servants that did not have any standing would naturally call him by that title.

Jackie nodded. After the servant had a clear sense of Jackie’s identity, he was less alarmed by the stranger in front of him.

He pursed his lips, having heard before that the new student did not have a good relationship with the second student, but Jackie was still a student after all.

They were merely regular servants.

If they offended Jackie because of their inappropriate words, they could be sent off at any time should Jackie complain about them.

With that in mind, the servant forced out a smile and uttered, “Do you have anything you need, eleventh student?”

Jackie nodded.

He was not in the mood to dally around with the servant, so he said very directly, “I’ve just arrived here, so there are some rules that I don’t really understand. I just have a few questions to ask you.””

Jackie had a very humble tone which pleasantly surprised the servant.

The servant immediately put the water bucket in his hands on the floor as he stood up upright, “Please ask away, I’ll tell you everything.”

Jackie nodded before composing himself and asked, “Where do the students practice refining pills here? Surely Heavenly Pills provides us somewhere to practice and improve?”

The servant paused for a long time before he answered, “Are you asking me where you can go to practice alchemy?”

Jackie nodded.

He did not have any intentions of getting the Way of the Pill.

All he wanted to do was hurry up and see if he could refine sixth-grade pills.

Alchemy was different from combat.

He needed a lot of ingredients, as well as a furnace to refine them.

Even though Jackie had a lot of materials on him, they were either too low in quality or too complicated.

There was no way to form a complete pill from them.

Since Heavenly pills had ten students, it would definitely provide a place for them to practice alchemy.

They would have prepared enough spiritual ingredients for him to practice with.

The servant pointed toward the east and explained, “Just continue walking ahead. You’ll see an independent palace. On the palace, you’ll see a plaque hanging there that says ‘Selena Cloud Room’. That’s where the students are meant to practice their alchemy.”

It was quite an elegant name.

When Jackie arrived at the Selena Cloud Palace, a flash of interest appeared in his eyes.

The Selena Cloud Room was about as big as the main hall in front.

There were some plants planted outside that would rustle whenever the wind blew.

Jackie took a deep breath as he stepped forward into the Selena Cloud Room.

The moment he entered, he saw a student that was dressed the exact same way as he was.

The student had a cloth in hand and was wiping one of the tables inside.

The Selena Cloud Room’s layout was very simple.

There were multiple small rooms inside separated by walls.

That should be where they practiced their alchemy.

However, the room that was facing the main table seemed at least three times larger than the other rooms.

It was as if that room was very special.

Raphael Westwood was stunned as he looked at Jackie observing the various facilities.

He thought that Jackie would have walked up to greet him.


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