No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2401

“You barged into my room without making things clear. You tried to attack me, but you were unbelievably weak. Now, you can’t beat me, but you still dare to accuse me like this. I really don’t know how the skin on your face is so thick.”

The corner of John’s mouth twitched at Jackie’s straight forwardness.

He glanced at Gilbert beside him timidly. Gilbert was so furious his entire body was shaking.

He looked like he wanted nothing more than to rush over and bite Jackie.

Jackie let out a cold laugh as he continued,”I don’t know why you’re still standing here. What do you want to say? Do you think you can beat me in a debate? Can You even beat me in a fight?”

Gilbert’s face rapidly changed colors.

He was so infuriated by Jackie that he felt like he was about to explode the next second.

In truth, Jackie’s words were completely right.

He could not beat Jackie, and could not even win against Jackie verbally.

Staying there would do nothing other than making a joke out of himself. He took off himself.

After making a joke a few deep breaths before he got John to help him out.

After taking two steps, he did not turn his head around as he shouted, “I’ll become a sixth-grade alchemist in just a short time. When that time comes… I ‘ll make sure you know how stupid your actions were today.”

After he finished, he no longer spoke as he limped out with the support of John’s shoulder.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Gilbert’s words had meant nothing to Jackie.

A sixth-grade alchemist was nothing in Jackie’s eyes.

For people like Gilbert, it might be the ceiling of their lives. Gilbert probably thought that sixth-grade alchemists were incredible people.

However, Jackie looked down on them.

Thinking about that, the look of mockery on his face intensified.

It was still not even the evening yet.

Jackie tidied up the room again before he looked up at the sunlight that came through the window.

He quickly composed his erratic thoughts.

He had only one goal being here which was to become a sixth-grade alchemist and get the qualification to take the test.

He was not interested in those merit points at all.

After pouring himself a cup of tea, he gulped it down.

He placed the teacup back on the table before turning around to exit his room.

He continued moving forward while carefully observing his surroundings.

Heavenly Pills’ backyard was huge.

There were not just students there, even servants and stewards were around.

There were practically all sorts of people.

The place Jackie stayed at was a little corner toward the west. Other than his room, there were only random warehouses.

His room had probably been a warehouse for random goods or firewood as well.

Gilbert had deliberately arranged for Jackie to stay there as a show of power.

It was a way to trouble Jackie as well.

The further east he went, the more elaborate the designs of the rooms were.

There were quite a few flowers along the stone road.

Only, he did not see a single servant along the way.

It took him quite a long time before he saw one carrying a bucket of water, walking toward the main hall.

Jackie immediately rushed over when he saw that person.

The servant had been focused on the water he was carrying, and jumped up in fright when he saw someone suddenly appear in front of him.

He Almost tossed away the bucket of water in his hands.

“You are?” The servant was a bit taken aback by the unknown face.

After all, Jackie was basically brand new there.

After becoming a student, he had not been anywhere other than his own room.

There were not many people in Heavenly Pills who knew him.


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