No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2400

Jackie looked at Gilbert speechlessly as Gilbert glared at him with hatred.

Even after everything that had happened, Jackie still did not understand what Gilbert was doing or saying Why did Gilbert come barging in shouting at him? Why was Gilbert so accusatory? At that moment, Jackie could only laugh at Gilbert’s threats.

Gilbert took a deep breath before he turned around to look at Damien angrily.

“Don’t bother with me here, go handle what’s happening over there first!”Damien paled.

His awkwardness from being pushed away earlier had already dissipated quite a bit.

He turned and looked at Jackie before looking back at Gilbert.

Damien nodded, “I’ll get it done immediately, but… I’ve already checked on it before. It’s definitely right.”

Gilbert’s expression stiffened.

He still wanted to add a sentence or two, but he swallowed back his words.

He merely nodded coldly, ‘”I know, but we can’t just ignore the matter!”

As he said that, Gilbert did not even look at Damien.

Gilbert stared at Jackie the whole time, but Jackie was already quite used to that hateful look.

Practically everyone who tried to cause Jackie trouble looked at him with that expression.

It was as though they wanted to carve out a piece of his body.

Damien sighed helplessly before he left in a hurry.

John wisely helped the wobbling Gilbert up.

Gilbert’s words had all merely been impulsive ones.

After all, he had injured his soul.

Even though Jackie had already held back, the two of them were just far too far apart in strength.

Jackie was no ordinary late-stage innate level warrior either.

If Jackie had just used a bit more power, Gilbert would not even have the strength to speak.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, he had heard everything from Damien’s earlier conversation with Gilbert.

From those words, as well as the way Damien looked at him, Jackie could more or less guess what had happened.

However, he was still uncertain.

Thinking about it, Jackie decided against saying anything.

Gilbert could think whatever he wanted.

Jackie would not let anyone who caused him trouble off so easily.

He did not really do anything against Gilbert just yet.

It was not because he was afraid of Gilbert, but because he did not want to invite any trouble onto himself.

He knew very well why he was here.

As long as he achieved his goal and qualified, he would deal with Gilbert then.

Gilbert’s hands were trembling.

His face was white as paper.

Blood was starting to drip out of the corner of his lips.

Jackie sighed helplessly.

Even at this state, Gilbert was not in a hurry to get treated.

Gilbert was still standing there with widened eyes.

There was already nothing else to say. Looking at him, Jackie did not know what to say.

Jackie took a deep breath before he said, “You’re still not leaving? Do you still want to fight me?”

Gilbert laughed, “Just you wait! I’ll have you begging for death. Even though what happened before had nothing to do with you, you still attacked me and injured me”… Before he could finish,

Jackie interrupted him, “Don’t you think your words are incredibly funny? Do you not remember why I attacked you?


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