No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2399

“It hurts!” Gilbert cried out in agony,curling up his body in pain.

Jackie let out a cold laugh as he walked out the door.

At that moment, Gilbert was already curled up into a ball.

This was even after Jackie had held back.

If Jackie had even used forty percent of his power earlier, Gilbert would have been dead.

After all, Gilbert might have some talent in alchemy, but he probably would not even be able to beat Nash in a fight.

Gilbert cried out in pain. He stumbled as he tried to stand up.

When John heard the commotion, he hurriedly ran over.

John was shocked to see Gilbert rolling on the floor in pain.

After that, he hurried over to help Gilbert up.

John glanced at Jackie, who was standing upright.

Gilbert had arranged for Jackie to be in an incredibly secluded area back then.

It was actually just a rundown shed which Jackie had expected.

Thanks to that, only John had witnessed Gilbert being beaten up to such a state.

Jackie let out a snort, “You’re quite daring, or maybe you’re just blind. You tried to attack me before you even find out what my level is. You really don’t know your place”.

Jackie had definitely held back earlier.

He merely wanted Gilbert to feel some pain, and not really hurt him.

That’s because Jackie knew very well that he was living under someone else’s roof at that moment.

If he had been too ruthless, he would not have been able to remain there.

After the pain Jackie had inflicted on Gilbert started to fade, he slowly calmed down.

He leaned against John and barely managed to sit up.

Even though he had completely lost to Jackie earlier, Gilbert remained obstinate, ” Just you wait! I won’t let you off! I might not be as strong as you, but it’s not like there is no one at your level in Heavenly Pills! There are experts everywhere!

Jackie let out a cold laugh, “Is something wrong with your head? You rushed into my room like a madman, speaking a bunch of nonsense. Then you attacked me without regard for anything. Now, you’re threatening to find someone else to deal with me…”

“Don’t think everyone’s as dumb as you are. You might have some talent in alchemy, but you’re still a student in the end. Which of those experts would listen to you?!'”

After being called out for his lie, Gilbert was incredibly furious. He struggled and even wanted to pick a fight with Jackie.

At that moment, frantic footsteps could be heard.

Damien ran over and immediately noticed Gilbert struggling on the floor as he glared at Jackie.

Damien was taken aback, unclear of the situation.

However, he was not in that state for that long.

He knelt down and whispered into Gilbert’s ear.

When Gilbert heard everything, he suddenly had a strange expression on his face. He let out a cough as he tried to compose himself, “You’re speaking the truth?”

Damien nodded, “I’m certain. I’ve already asked someone to check it out, it really was him..”

After he said that, Damien shot a look at Jackie before turning back to Gilbert,continuing softly, “It really isn’t him. We found the wrong person, but this guy really crossed the line attacking you!”

Gilbert had an even stranger expression then.

Possibly because of the sudden change, he suddenly started to have a coughing fit.

Damien reached out to help Gilbert up, but Gilbert pushed his hand aside.

At that moment, Gilbert was really stuck in a hard place.

After thinking about it for a long time, he finally stood up shakily from the ground.

It was as if he would fall down at any moment.

He let out a laugh, “Brat! I have something else to do today, so I’ll let you off for now! Don’t even think we’re done with this just yet! I’ll make you pay eventually.”


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