No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2398

He did not know who it was, but they should not have opened his door so rudely anyway. If he had been absorbing the memories midway, the disturbance might have caused him to lose control!

“Is it you?! It must be you!” Gilbert pointed at Jackie, his eyes were bloodshot. Jackie looked at Gilbert strangely, not knowing what that guy was on about.

Gilbert let out a cold laugh, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing!”

Jackie felt like Gilbert had gone crazy.

He had never even left his room, so what could he do? That strange accusation, on top of Gilbert rudely barging in, caused Jackie’s face to completely darken.

Soul Swords condensed in his hand.

Jackie had already decided to properly teach Gilbert a lesson, even if it went against the rules!

Gilbert seemed to be in an inescapable rage.

His whole body was shaking, “Say it! Are you feeling guilty? Were you the one who leaked the information?!”

Jackie was rendered speechless.

He said angrily, “Is something wrong with your brain? What are you talking about? What guilt? What information?”

Gilbert’s whole body was trembling. ” Don’t try to deny it! It has to be you!” Gilbert had already gone mad. He had lost all sense of reasoning.

The way he looked at Jackie, there was even a hint of bloodlust i n the madness.

Jackie looked at the guy speechlessly.

He still did not know what the guy was talking about. He took a deep breath, Gilbert’s accusations had yet to stop “Just you wait! I won’t let you off! You want to use Mr. Simmons to earn the right! That’s impossible! I’ll make sure disaster falls on you!” He shouted out,

looking like he wanted to tear Jackie apart.

The grey seals on Jackie’s hands were dancing wildly.

A miniature Soul Sword appeared in Jackie’s palm.

The coldness in Jackie’s eyes was practically at freezing points. “I don’t know what you’re going on about, but you’ll pay for what you’ve done.”

“Pay? Ha! Are you trying to fight me? The two of us are at the initial stage of the innate realm, surely you don’t think you can beat me?!” Gilbert said.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Gilbert had quite a lot of self-confidence.

He did not even try looking at his strength before determining that he was at the initial stage of the innate level.

Thinking about that, Jackie let out a cold smile. Before, he had deliberately left his injuries so he would appear to be at the initial stage.

However, after absorbing all of the Formational True Energy, he was already completely recovered.

He was just a sliver away from the spring- solidifying realm. In fact, he would be able to break through as long as he wanted to.

Gilbert seemed to have gone crazy in anger.

Gilbert retrieved his weapon from his storage.

It was a red curved sword.

Before Jackie attacked, Gilbert rushed at Jackie, unable to hold back his anger.

There were flames on Gilbert’s sword, and he slashed right at Jackie’s head.

Jackie’s expression did not even change at all.

He raised his right hand, and grey energy slammed into Gilbert like a violent wind!

There was a bang, and Gilbert was sent flying.

He started to spin midair before he collided with a tree outside.

The sword in his hand was sent flying, falling onto the ground with a clank.

Gilbert had been completely defeated in one blow.

The wind that the Soul Sword formed into pierced Gilbert’s soul, causing him to lose control of his thoughts.


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