No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2397

“He wants to claim tasks and get merit points? Dream on! As long as I’m around, he’ll never get any merit points!”

When Damien heard that, he let out a huge smile and said, “If you say that, then I won’t have to worry anymore! I was just worried that the sudden appearance of this guy would ruin our plans!”

Gilbert raised an eyebrow as he let out a cold laugh, “Didn’t I tell you? No one will ruin our plans. This brat’s appearance was a surprise, but this surprise won’t disrupt our plans at all.

“I’ve already gotten someone to keep an eye on him. He absolutely won’t escape from my sight! We’ll keep an eye on him for a month. After a month, we’ll get the chance to get rid of him. After that, we will rule this place.”

After his plan succeeded, everyone would have to treat him respectfully. Gilbert was absolutely elated.

As they were discussing and feeling happy about themselves, Jackie was in a difficult situation. He had just absorbed the large number of memories that were in the soul fragment.

Thankfully, Jackie was no longer the same as he used to be.

His soul was already much stronger.

Absorbing the soul fragment might cause him a lot of pain, but it did not threaten his life.

At that moment, Jackie was completely red.

He was sweating everywhere.

His sweat constantly flowed down from his forehead.

At that moment, his eyes were completely red, and his body was in incredibly pain.

Yet, his mood was strangely excited.

Many memories were attacking his soul. It caused Jackie to feel like mountains were stacking on top of his body. He needed to slowly dig through and destroy those mountains.

Most of the great warriors’ memories were about the Way of the Pill. That Way of the Pill was called the Divine Void Pill.

With the Divine Void name, it was absolutely no ordinary thing!

Integrating memories was incredibly painful, but it brought a lot of benefits.

No matter how talented a person was, understanding the Way of the Pill would still need a lot of effort to slowly digest and overcome.

Yet, after integrating the great warrior’s memories, Jackie did not need to attempt it at all. He already understood everything.

There were no longer any problems in front of him.

The only thing that caused Jackie problems was completely integrating his body with the memories.

He would need to constantly practice before he could completely merge the mind and body.

However, the practice should not use up to0 much time, nor should it consume too many resources.

Thinking about that, Jackie let out a cold laugh.

Heavenly Pills’ Way of the Pill was called the Vermillion Flame.

The Vermillion Flame could not compare to the Divine Void Pill at all.

The difference between them was staggering. He recalled Gilbert frantically stopping him from claiming tasks, worried that he would be able to learn the Vermillion Flame.

Thinking about that, he could not help but let out a cold laugh.

He did not care about the Vermillion Flame at all, why would he bother learning it? It took two days and two nights before Jackie completely integrated the great warrior’s memories.

After he opened his eyes, Jackie felt a wave of exhaustion Surging through his body.

It was a horrible feeling. He wanted nothing more than to collapse and sleep for three days. However, before he slept, he needed to take a bath to clean up all the filth.

As he stood up and tidied up his clothes, the door suddenly opened with a bang. The loud noise was so sudden that Jackie’s face immediately turned cold as ice.


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