No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2395

“Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you had someone backing you, understand?”

Jackie frowned.

He was really tempted to send a punch over at that moment.

He wanted to let that brat know that some things should not be said. However, he remembered the reason he was there, so he swallowed those words.

Jackie paused and said, “I haven’t even done anything, and you say I’m doing whatever I want?’

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. “Were you planning on getting some tasks? How unfortunate, all the tasks have been claimed. There won’t be any merit points for you. Just go back and wait for next month. There might be tasks for you then.”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, finally understanding why Gilbert was challenging him.

Gilbert was trying to tell him that there would be no trouble as long as Jackie did not claim any tasks.

Gilbert did not want Jackie to earn any merit points.

Jackie felt like it was such a joke.

Did Gilbert deal with all the other students like that as well? He stopped the others from earning merit points so he could earn them all by himself.

Then, he would use the points to earn the right to learn the Way of the Pill.

Was that not too absurd?

Jackie did not think too much about the matter.

Gilbert standing in front of him clearly meant Gilbert was not going to let him head over.

Thinking about that, he let out a small laugh, turned around right away and returned to his room.

That caught Gilbert by surprise as he had not expected Jackie to be so obedient. Jackie had left so abruptly, not even spending any time talking smack.

Gilbert raised his eyebrows, he wondered if Jackie had left to figure out a way to deal with Gilbert.

Would Jackie just turn around to go claim the tasks the moment Gilbert left?

Thinking about that, Gilbert could not help but let out a cold laugh. He would not give Jackie the chance. Gilbert had already said that he would not allow Jackie to claim any tasks, so he would absolutely not give Jackie any leeway.

With a wave, he called one of the servants over, “John, keep an eye on this brat for me. As long as he goes out to claim any tasks, stop him immediately. After that, find a chance to report it to me.”

After John heard that, he nodded his head obediently. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely keep an eye on him all day. As long as he does anything, I’ll report it to you immediately.”

Gilbert nodded before he turned around to leave.

Jackie might have entered his room, but he had been observing the movements outside.

He saw everything that Gilbert did earlier.

It seemed like Gilbert really did think that Jackie went back because he was scare of Gilbert. In truth, Jackie’s goal for claiming tasks were not for the sake of merit points.

After all, he did not need to look at Heavenly Pills’ Way of the Pill at all. He only did so because he did not want to attract too much attention.

He was there completely for the recommendation to the tests.

If it had not been for that, he would not have been willing to waste his time there. Gilbert’s actions were precisely what he wanted.

Jackie would not need to waste his time doing chores, and could spend all his time training!

Jackie closed the door properly, and immediately retrieved the soul-gathering crystal from Mustard Seed.

The soul-gathering crystal was the same as always.

There were many soul fragments scattered within the crystal. All those soul fragments were voluntary contributions from the strongest warriors of the Divine Void World.

After absorbing that great warrior’s memories, Jackie was able to determine who these soul fragments belonged to.

Jackie found the soul fragment of someone who had been at the pinnacle of alchemy.

He muttered, “You’re the one!”

Then, he reached out and absorbed the soul fragment.

The moment the soul fragment touched Jackie’s body, it suddenly turned into dazzling light and fused with Jackie’s body.


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