No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2394

Why was Gilbert treating him so badly? To even arrange for Jackie to sleep in such a shabby room. Thinking about that, he looked at Chandler.

He had clearly been recommended by Chandler. Chandler’s uncle was Mr. Simmons. Was Gilbert not worried that Jackie would reveal everything to Mr. Simmons?

He was basically defying Mr. Simmons by doing so. Was he not worried that Mr. Simmons would do something about it?

Jackie could not figure it out.

Jackie decided to just push those thoughts aside. He sipped his drink and said,” Thank you for all your guidance. When you’re back in your clan, you can come to find me at any time if you have any troubles.”

Chandler let out a small smile. He knew that Jackie was someone who would keep his promises.

He nodded and replied, “I will.”

The two of them continued to chat for a while longer before Chandler excused himself.

After all, Chandler could not remain there for too long. He still needed to return to his clan to participate in the ranking battles to earn more resources for himself.

After Jackie returned to Heavenly Pills, he changed into a students’ uniform. The clothes were tighter around the collar, it was obvious they were prepared specially for all the chores the students would do.

Looking at the clothes, Jackie sighed helplessly. If it were not to earn a recommendation, he would never have worked at Heavenly Pills.

After all, he still needed to be recommended into the Middle Province Alchemists Alliance’s test.

The moment he changed his clothes and left the room, he planned on looking for Mr. Simmons to ask about his duties.

However, he encountered Gilbert the moment he opened the door. Gilbert let out a sly smile as if Gilbert had been waiting there deliberately.

Gilbert let out a small laugh and said, ” Where are you headed to, Jackie?”

Jackie coldly glanced at him, not wanting to bother bickering with Gilbert.

He walked forward, planning on looking for Mr. Simmons. Yet, Gilbert quickly stood in front of Jackie, blocking his way and not allowing him to move.

Looking at Gilbert, Jackie frowned. If he was not holding back, Jackie would have easily killed an initial stage innate level brat like Gilbert.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Jackie coldly said.

Gilbert let out a small laugh as he said calmly, “Are you planning on looking for Mr. Simmons? How unfortunate, Mr. Simmons works here on a rotational basis.”

He goes somewhere else every month.

Today is precisely when he’s changing offices.

“Today, the person-in-charge is not Mr. Simmons, but Mr. Winston.” Jackie raised an eyebrow, suddenly realizing why Gilbert did not seem worried that he would complain about him at all.

Turns out, Mr. Simmons was going to manage somewhere else. After the change in personnel, Jackie would have no one to turn to.

Considering Gilbert had been there for so long,

if he ever does anything to trouble Jackie, Jackie’s complaints would only fall on deaf ears.

Thinking about that, Jackie let out a cold smile and said, “What do you want?

Gilbert smiled sinisterly, “It doesn’t matter what I want to do. More importantly, I want to tell you this. No matter what you want to do, you’d better just stay out of my way.”


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