No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2393

“Due to that, they’ll do their best to make sure you get as little valuables as possible to reduce the losses. You will be suffering.”

Chandler said many heartfelt words mostly because he felt like it was a big pity that Jackie was wasting his talent just like that.

Another reason was that he wanted to repay Jackie for saving his life.

If he had not advanced with Jackie, he would definitely have died against the three Blazing One-Eyed Bulls.

Jackie could feel the good intentions in Chandler’s words and nod at them.

There were some things that Chandler would not be able to understand. After all,

Jackie had too many secrets, there was no way to explain it all.

He was not willing to reveal all his secrets to Chandler either, so he was forced to find an excuse that did not sound too ridiculous.

“Once I’ve set a goal for myself, I won’t change it easily. Plus, I’m incredibly confident in my talent. I’ll definitely be able to become a sixth-grade alchemist. Being a sixth-grade alchemist isn’t even my end goal. I’ll even become a seventh or eighth-grade one.”

Chandler’s lips twitched when he heard that, not knowing what to say suddenly.

He felt like Jackie had way too much confidence.

However, he understood that there were Some people who would never let go of their goals unless they were forced to.

Unless Jackie realizes for himself how absurd his thoughts were, Jackie would not listen to any advice.

Chandler sighed, shaking his head as he stopped making more advances. He poured a drink for himself, thinking of a lighter topic.

At that moment, Jackie suddenly said, “Do you know Gilbert?”

Chandler raised an eyebrow and nodded,” I know he’s quite a good sprout. I heard that he’s about to accumulate two hundred merit points. With those merit points, he would be able to earn the right to learn the Way of the Pill.”

“My uncle even said that it should not take too long for him to shed his status as a student and become a sixth-grade alchemist.”

Jackie frowned when he heard that. “Merit points?”

Chandler was stunned.

He immediately slapped his forehead, wondering how he could have been so careless to forget something so important.

He hurriedly explained, “After you become students, it doesn’t mean you can just casually learn the Way of the Pill with that label. If you want to learn the Way of the Pill, you have to exchange merit points for it.”

“Only by accumulating two hundred merit points would you be able to obtain the rights to even look at the Way of the Pill”.

After all, the Way of the Pill is an incredibly important inheritance.

“It’s comparatively even more valuable than martial skills and techniques. Any place that has a Way of the Pill would place incredible importance on it.”

Jackie nodded.

After such an explanation, he more or less understood. However, he still could not understand why Gilbert would suddenly target him like that.

He was a new student. ‘There was no way He could gather two hundred merit points in a short time. Naturally, there was no way Jackie could fight Gilbert for the right to learn the Way of the Pill.


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