No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2392

Jackie kept the rag and replied, “He probably feels like I am threatening his status. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly hold so much animosity against me. It’s as if he thinks I’ll steal his things if I become his fellow student.”

I don’t know about anything else, but even though the students might seem to be working hard at learning alchemy to become a sixth-grade alchemist, they’re actually more like glorified servants.

They are normally forced to labor away at Heavenly Pills. They have to deal with customers and clean up the store.

They need to determine the age of the materials. Only after they finish all these chores are they able to continue their training

“It’s such a difficult life. Any good chances or good things would naturally have many fighting over them. I’m a new student and might be fighting over the same things with him. He’d naturally not be happy with me.”

When Nash heard Jackie’s explanation, he felt like Jackie was right. Yet, he still felt very exasperated.

Jackie had clearly done nothing wrong, but he was still being hated.

Nash looked up at Jackie. “What do we do next then? Alchemy is a very time-consuming thing. You must make sure you don’t sacrifice too much for it.

“If you waste all your time here and neglect your training, it’d be hard for you to make up for it in the future.”

Jackie nodded. He was not that naive.

The two of them talked for a long time.

When noon came, Jackie followed Chandler to a nearby tavern. The two of them ordered some alcohol and some dishes. After that, they went into a separate room to eat and chat.

Chandler told Jackie everything he had heard from his uncle.

When Chandler saw Jackie’s calm expression, he could not help but let out a deep sigh.

“I knew you wouldn’t be worried about this. However, some things will still happen even if you don’t worry about them. Do you know what the students usually do inside?”

As Chandler spoke, he was incredibly anxious.

Jackie nodded Before Gilbert led him to the room, Gilbert had been holding a piece of cloth.

It was obvious with just a bit of thought that the students were definitely not living easy lives there.

Otherwise, Mr. Simmons would not have agreed so easily. After all, another student meant another free servant.

Even though they were regarded more highly than common riff-raff, what they did was still labor.

Chandler felt even more anxious when he saw Jackie nod so calmly. “I really can’t tell what you’re thinking. With your talent, you would receive special attention no matter which clan you go to.

“As long as you focused on training, your future would be incredibly bright. Why would you make yourself suffer as a student doing petty chores? You’d have to do all those things daily, how would you have time to train?”

Why don’t you listen to my advice? Stoop wasting your time on this useless matter.

Just focus on your training. Even if you’re able to become a sixth-grade alchemist, it would take you quite a lot of time.”

After saying that, Chandler paused, not willing to be too direct. After thinking about it, he felt like Jackie was not that sensitive either, so he decided to continue.

He took a deep breath as he said earnestly, “If you become a student, your time would be split between working and studying. Truthfully, Heavenly Pills doesn’t want to provide that many materials for their students to practice.”

After all, these materials aren’t cheap.

If the students aren’t careful, they would destroy those valuable materials.

The higher-ups at Heavenly Pills naturally don’t want to waste any resources.

“However, they’re still forced to train all of you. That’s only because raising proper alchemists is the best way to bring them even more profits.”

After he said that, Chandler took another deep breath. He placed the glass in his hand back on the table.


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