No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2390

After a long time, Mr. Simmons nodded and replied, “Since you’ve come here to be a student, you should be mentally prepared to be one.

“My nephew asked me for this favor, so I’ll naturally agree to it. Gilbert, go find a room for him. In the future, you’ll be his senior. Remember to bring him along wherever you go.”

Gilbert tried his best to control his expression that was about to sour. He let out a stiff smile and uttered, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him.”

Even though he did his best to control his tone, Jackie could still feel something amiss despite the plain nature of his words. He glanced at Gilbert.

Gilbert looked quite friendly, but Jackie could feel a coldness behind that warm exterior.

Gilbert was incredibly unhappy at Jackie’s arrival. It was as if Gilbert was afraid that Jackie would steal his position.

That surprised Jackie. Gilbert did not even give Jackie a chance to speak before he raised his right hand and stood aside,

“Come with me, I’ll arrange somewhere for you to stay. From today on, you’ll| be one of my fellow students in Heavenly Pills.”Jackie nodded.

After that, he turned to look at Chandler. Chandler let out a sigh before he nodded earnestly.

“I’ll be leaving at noon tomorrow. Before I leave, I want to treat you to a meal. You mustn’t refuse.”

Chandler emphasized his words very heavily. Jackie was still quite thankful to Chandler. Since Chandler was willing to treat him to a meal he would naturally not refuse it.

After nodding, he followed Gilbert.

They went toward the back door of the hall. When Jackie disappeared, Mr. Simmons turned around to look at Chandler.

“You seem to have a lot of respect for this brat. Is he someone special?

Gilbert pursed his lips helplessly, shaking his head.”He’s no one special. I just think he’s a good person. It’s worth being good Mr. Simmons could not help but raise an eyebrow. Even though he did not agree with Chandler’s words, he could not be bothered to give any advice. After a sigh, he pulled Chandler aside.

He had the servants prepare some tea, As the two of them drank, they chatted.

This time, Chandler wanted to talk about what had happened in his journey. However, he would definitely end up involving Jackie if he went into detail.

Jackie had already told Chandler to not tell anyone else about him.

Chandler could understand from Jackie’s point of view, so he temporarily ignored what had happened.

“I remember Heavenly Pills accepted twenty students two years ago,” Chandler said after taking a sip of tea.

He had been asking for Jackie’s sake, but he was curious himself as well.

Mr. Simmons nodded, “You remember quite well. That year, we did accept twenty students,”

He let out a dry laugh while saying, “Yet there was only one who was able to become a sixth-grade alchemist. There are so few people who can understand the Way of the Pill and condense pill auras.”

It’s so hard to produce even one sixth-grade alchemist, let alone seventh or eighth-grade ones… There is only one eighth-grade alchemist in Heavenly Pills.

The eighth-grade alchemist is basically the living ancestor. He doesn’t trouble himself with general affairs.


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