No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2389

After all, Heavenly Pills used quite a lot of resources in bringing them up. Alchemy was something that innately required a lot of spiritual grass and medicines. When those resources piled up, they cost a pretty penny.

Gilbert Hughes let out a soft cough as he poured a cup of tea that was at the perfect temperature. “Mr. Simmons, you must be tired. Have some tea to soothe your throat. You’ve been so busy today. “Let me help you with these small matters. This entire shop will be absolutely spotless.”

Mr. Simmons raised an eyebrow, nodding happily, “You know me so well, Gilbert. I wouldn’t be able to hand this over to just anyone, but you’ve always done things really well. I can relax by handing over this matter to you.”

As he said that, Mr. Simmon’s smile got wider and wider. Gilbert nodded, revealing a very appropriate smile.

It was a sif he was incredibly grateful for those words.

However, Gilbert did not mean any of those words at all. Instead, he found it very amusing.

The only reason Mr. Simmons flattered him so much was just that Mr. Simmons felt like he had a lot of potential.

Of the ten students, Gilbert was the one with the most hope to become a sixth- grade alchemist, because of that, Mr.Simmons would always face him with a smile.

Mr. Simmons had always been someone who would suck up to the powerful and trample all over the weak. If not for that, Mr. Simmons would not even have raised an eyebrow no matter what Gilbert said.

When he becomes a sixth-grade alchemist, the first person he wanted to deal with would be Mr. Simmons. Mr. Simmons enjoyed looking for trouble where there was none far too much.

As he thought about everything, the door to the hall suddenly opened.

Gilbert frowned.

He was about to apologize when he saw someone storming in through the door.

That persOn did not even spare him a glance. He walked right up to Mr. Simmons and said, Uncle, have you been well?”

Simmons’ hand that he had raised in anger immediately gave Chandler a gentle pat on the shoulder, “Oh, Chandler? Why are you here? How’s your training been? Have you been promoted to an inner disciple yet?

Chandler pursed his lips as he glanced outside. He quickly averted his gaze, “Not bad, I actually have something I wanted your help with.”

After that, he waved outside. Jackie entered Heavenly Pills’ hall with Maynard behind him.

Even though Maynmard was technically at the same level as Mr. Simmons, they were incredibly different. Maynard served Chandler’s family and was just a servant In that family.

However, Mr. Simmons was someone who worked for Heavenly Pills. He was definitely regarded much more highly than Maynard.

Hence, Maynard’s proud demeanor earlier had completely deflated in front of Mr. Simmons.

It was like he had turned into a dog who did not even dare to wag its tail.

Mr. Simmons looked at the two who had entered curiously.

His focus was especially on Jackie.

When Jackie walked in, he did not have any expression on his face.

Jackie did not even spare Mr.Simmons a glance It was as if Jackie did not care that he was the caretaker of Heavenly Pills at all

When Chandler mentioned his intentions, Mr. Simmons immediately raised an eyebrow. He appraised Jackie when he heard that Jackie wanted to become a student


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