No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2388

Chandler pursed his lips. “It you put your focus into alchemy, you won’t have any time to train. You’re so talented. If you Waste so much time on alchemy, it would be such a waste of your potential. You’ll end up regretting it!”

Chandler was incredibly firm with his words, especially the last part.

Even if Jackie was about to earn a lot of spirit crystals, it would mean nothing.

Increasing his power was the most important.

If he got stronger, he would naturally be able to win over more riches.

Furthermore, increasing the quality of one’s pills would require a lot of time and effort! It was incredibly slow as well.

Having great potential for fighting did not mean having great potential for alchemy.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He naturally knew all of that. If he did not have the soul gathering crystal, he would not have chosen a more distant and difficult path either.

Yet, with the soul-gathering crystal, it was no longer a problem. All he needed was a bit more time. Jackie nodded. He was still grateful for Chandler’s advice. At the very least, it meant that Chandler was not a bad person.

“I’m quite confident in my alchemy. I’ve already decided to be an alchemist. I won’t change my decision.”

At that moment, Chandler felt like Jackie must definitely be crazy.

Jackie was abandoning such a bright future to waste his time on alchemy.

Earlier, Jackie’s skills and talent would have been a great attraction no matter what clan he was in.

People like Jackie should focus on their advantages.

Jackie should look to climb to the top of all warriors, turning into an unrivaled existence.

Yet, Jackie seemed to be insistent on sabotaging himself.

He seemed to be ignoring all his talent and potential, wasting all his time on alchemy for no reason.

Chandler had some understanding of alchemy.

After all, he had wanted to become an alchemist initially.

In order to become a sixth-grade alchemist, not only would he need to waste a tremendous amount of spirit grass and medicines for practice, but he would also need to constantly study up on different things.

He would need to be able to determine the authenticity and age of various materials.

Just those alone were enough to fill up one’s head completely.

How would Jackie have any time to train? Many alchemists were incredibly specialized and were not particularly strong.

Most high-ranking alchemists reached their level because they were not good at combat.

That was why they poured all of their focus on alchemy.

Think about that, Chandler could not help but shake his head. “Whatever, since you want to become a sixth-grade alchemist, I’ll help you.”

The next morning, Heavenly Pills had yet to open.

Clerks and students frantically ran frantically around cleaning everything up.

The furniture was all wiped down.

Heavenly Pill’s most senior staff was brushing his teeth as he pointed all around the store.

This won’t do! Are all of you blind? Can’t you see that cobweb over there? Don’t ignore any of the corners.

If any of the customers see it, what would they think of Heavenly Pills? We’re not a normal pill store.

We’re a direct store of Heavenly Pills! If we embarrass ourselves, we can kiss our Heavenly Pills name goodbye!

It was incredibly frantic as they hurried over with a piece of cloth to clear away the cobweb that was just the size of a finger.

After that, they looked around for other potentially dirty spots with their eyes wide.

Heavenly Pills had ten students and those students were not that old. Even though they were regarded more highly than the clerks, they still needed to perform hard labor.


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