No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2387

The sun was setting and it shone on the narrow road through the valley. It illuminated everything in a reddish hue.

Jackie admired the view from the window. The scenery outside of the carriage was quite special.

Middle Province was rich with resources, and the scenery was much better than West Cercie State.

If not for the threat of the fiends, Jackie might have spent a few days there to admire the view.

It would have helped to calm him down and plan out his next steps.

“Jackie…” Chandler’s expression looked like he was struggling.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not expecting the sudden respectful tone. Before, Chandler had regarded him rather casually.

The respectful tone almost caused Jackie to laugh. However, he did nothing to address it.

Chandler could do what he wanted.

Jackie closed the curtains and turned to face Chandler. Chandler took a deep breath.

His eyes were incredibly conflicted. “Are you really…an early stage innate realm warrior?

Jackie shook his head, saying honestly, ” I’ve never said I was foe, I was injured before, which is why you misjudged my power ,I was actually already in the late stage of the innate level.Those Blazing One-Eyed Bulls were off no threat to me at all”

Jackie gave them a reasonable explanation, but the explanation caused Chandler to be even more shocked.

His eyeball threatened to pop out of their sockets.

He could not help but sit up, straightening his back as he said, “Even if you’re at the late stage of the innate level, you would be one of the strongest. A master among masters…”

His words had no hint of false flattery at all. They were his true sentiments. Even a warrior at the late stage of the innate level would not have possibly killed those three bulls so easily.

He was a warrior of the same level. It had been incredibly difficult for him just to face one bull. It had exhausted all of his energy to come to a tie with the bull, He had even been at a disadvantage.

Compared to Jackie, he was nothing.

“Even if you were in a fifth-grade clan, you would probably be the strongest disciple among the chosen disciples. I’m even wondering if our eldest disciple would be a match for you when he was at the late stage of the innate level.” He said earnestly.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not denying anything. There were some things that he only had to understand himself. There was no point in voicing it.

Chandler took a deep breath and said, “I thought you were just a disciple from a small clan before. Now it seems like I was mistaken. I can’t believe I met a master like you.”

Jackie did not respond to those words. He merely sat there quietly. After a moment,

Chandler mustered up his resolve, “Are you really planning on learning alchemy? Are you planning on learning the Way of the Pill and advancing to a sixth-grade alchemist?”

Jackie nodded. That was his current plan.

Even if he entered a clan, it would be impossible to earn so many spirit crystals in such a short amount of time. It was something he was acutely aware of.

If he wanted to quickly earn more spirit crystals, his only choice was to improve his alchemy. Refining a large number of pills would help him earn enough spirit crystals.

Only then would he be able to gather nine ninth-grade crystals and enter Wild Gorge Pass to obtain the key.


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