No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2385

However, it was already too late. No matter how strong the Blazing One-eyed Bull was, it was just at the initial stage of the innate realm.

Jackie was using an ultimate god-level skill. Even the strongest disciple of a fourth-grade clan was no match for him, let alone a fiend at the late stage of the innate realm.

Jackie let out a cry as he pierced out, and the tip of his sword pierced right into the fiend’s eye once more.

The sword destroyed the fiend’s eye, and blood splattered everywhere.

Cries of anguish followed after Destroying the Void did not target the physical aspect but rather the soul.

Fiends were already weaker than humans in the first place.

Even humans at the same level as those bulls would not have been able to withstand Jackie’s attack.

The bull could no longer stand properly.

Just like the other bull, it fell to the ground, looking deranged as it rolled continuously on the ground, constantly crying out in pain.

Jackie had been incredibly quick and decisive in his attacks to reduce the possibility of anyone dying. In just a few breaths, he had killed off two late-stage innate realm fiends that had terrified the whole group before.

Maynard had already accepted his death at that point. He knew that he would never be able to defeat a late stage innate realm fiend and had already been thinking about his funeral affairs.

However, before he even needed to do anything, the two fiends had already fallen before Jackie.

He even made it look incredibly easy, as if he did not waste any energy at all.

The scene was deeply etched into Maynard’s eyes. He refused to believe it was real.

“Is that really a warrior at the early stage of the innate realm?” blurted the servant behind Maynard, wide-eyed.

Another servant immediately said, “I don’t believe it! Since when did warriors at that level kill fiends at the late stage of the innate realm so casually?! Those two bulls were no match for him at all!”

Maynard gulped, looking at Jackie with a different expression.

Only then did he realize who their companion had been all along.

He took a deep breath as he tried to observe Jackie’s level again, noticing hevwas no longer certain of Jackie’s abilities.

Jackie looked to be in the intermediate stage and in the late stage as well, much to Maynard’s confusion as he scrutinized him.

In his years, he had seen quite a few late stage innate level warriors and was naturally able to recognize what they looked like.

However, this man, Jackie, was different from the rest.

After a long time, Maynard finally said,” Even if he’s at the late stage of the innate level, he’s definitely not an ordinary one. It’s not like I haven’t seen them before.

“Look at Mr. South. He’s still struggling against the blazing One-eyed Bull and Was even at a disadvantage. How did this person kill off two of them so easily?!”

Upon Maynard’s words, everyone once again shifted their focus onto Chandler.

At that moment, Chandler was in no state to notice what was happening around him at all. He only had one thing in mind, which was to quickly defeat the bull.

Otherwise, no one would be able to survive. He only noticed after the battle started that the bull’s entire body was as hard as armor.

Despite his best efforts, he could not break through its defenses at all!


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