No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2384

Even though the Blazing One-Eyed Bulls were at the late-stage of the innate level, to Jackie, they were nowhere daunting.

On the other hand, Chandler and Maynard’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they heard those words, thinking they had misheard Jackie.

How was he so brazen? Did he think the bulls were only in the acquired realm that he wanted to handle two bulls on his own?

He would handle two of them, even when he was at the initial stage of the innate level?

Maynard grabbed Jackie’s arm. “Are you crazy?!

Alas, the bulls did not dally for Jackie.

Lagarioring their heads, they adapted a forward-rushing stance, and a second later, they ran full speed ahead.

Chandler’s face darkened. Even though he was only an informal disciple at the Rosefinch Pavilion, he was still incredibly rich in combat experience.

He knew that the servants around him would not be able to survive if the Blazing One-eyed Bull managed to charge toward them. He shot forward like an arrow.

Producing his sword, the silver blade glinted coldly as it reflected the sunlight.

He let out a roar as he brought down his blade toward the beasts.

It could have been Jackie’s words influencing Chandler, or it could have been that Chandler knew he had a limited pool of abilities.

Even though he rushed forward, Chandler’s full focus was on the bull toward the south.

Jackie ignored all the shouts and cries of those around him and Maynard’s words as well.

Right behind Chandler, he shot forward like a cannonball.

Jackie held nothing back as he quickly condensed 60 Soul Swords into a large soul sword, which fused with the blade in his hand.

He activated Destroying the Void and pushed the skill to its limit.

The gray sword in his hand burned and emitted a dense black mist, surrounded by dense aura.

The black mist danced around the sword.

At that moment, Jackie had set his eyes on the middle Blazing One-Eyed Bull.

He looked up and let out an animalistic roar.

The bull only had one eye on its head.

At that moment, the eye glowed a vibrant red as waves of fire condensed behind its eyes.

As Jackie was less than two meters away from it, a bright light shot out of that eye.

It was so bright that it forced everyone to shut their eyes.

Jackie narrowed his eyes, not being affected at all. He raised his gray swordvand slashed at the red glow.

Everyone heard a loud bang, and the light was suddenly cut into two, disappearing suddenly.

The bright light disappeared, and blood flowed from the bull’s sole eye.

After that, the bull fell on the ground with a plop.

The pain of its soul being torn apart caused it to writhe on the floor.

Jackie did not once stop after he took down the bull.

Surging forward, he disappeared on the spot.

When he appeared again, Jackie was already next to the last bull.

The last bull had targeted the acquired- level servants, but they were no fools.

They knew they would not be able to beat it, so they dispersed, giving Jackie the perfect chance to kill the last bull.

The bull had not noticed that Jackie had appeared next to him.

However, it reacted quite quickly and started to activate its skill.


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