No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2383

Chandler looked like he had swallowed two bottles of poison after he said what he had said.

Maynard frantically ran over to the carriage.

“What do we do? Three fiends at the late-stage of the innate level! Are we any match for them? Do we still have time to flee?

“Even though these bulls seem to have been provoked, we’ve done nothing to provoke them. Do you think they’ll chase after us if we run right now?!” Maynard was already incredibly panicked at that point.

Jackie glanced at Maynard before he said, “If we even take a step back now, the bulls will instantly attack. Don’t even think that they’ll show us mercy.”

Even though the bulls had yet to attack, Jackie could clearly feel that the bulls were already at the limits of their anger.

It was like they had been thrown in a pile of fire.

Then, what do we do?!” Maynard was frantic, losing all sense of reasoning Jackie let out a sigh as he retrieved a gray Sword from Mustard Seed. “We fight!”

Maynard’s eyes immediately widened at Jackie as he looked at Jackie, dumbfounded.

Jackie, do you even know what you’re saying? Fight, you say?! What do you mean, fight?! Do you not know what these bulls’ powers are? They’re fiends of the late stage of the innate level!

“We only have one person at that level with us. He’ll be able to fight one of the bulls, but what of the remaining two?

“You’re only at the early stage of the innate level. I might already be at the middle stage, but the two of us will only be able to hold one back. Even with two down, there’s still the last one!”

After that, he looked back in pain.

Those acquired level servants were all staring at them, wide-eyed with hope.

They, of course, knew how difficult of a situation they were in. No one was willing to lose their lives there.

“The third bull will attack the rest! We might be able to take it, but they absolutely won’t! They’1l be slaughtered in seconds!”

“Please, save me! After I leave, I’ll serve you loyally for the rest of my life!”

Hearing the servants sincerely begging Chandler naturally would not leave his men behind.

However, the situation left him in a bad state to make any decisions.

“What are you still waiting for?! Chandler, go take on one of the bulls. Leave the other two to me!”


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