No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2382

Looking at Jackie’s serious expression, Chandler felt a little exasperated.

He turned around, facing Jackie directly.

“Look at how excited you are.I guess you have a lot of confidence in yourself.Regardless, I’m just giving some advice out of kindness here. If you want to become a sixth-grade alchemist, you need to overcome a very big hurdle, one that eight out of ten alchemists couldn’t make it through. You should be prepared.”Jackie nodded.

He was actually already prepared for it.

The memory of the great master he absorbed had a lot of memories about alchemists.

The Divine Void World’s alchemists were not that much different from those in the Hestia Continent.

However, the Divine Void World’s alchemists were at a higher level, and the alchemists needed to master the Way of the Pill as well. Thinking about that, he smirked.

Thankfully, he had a cheating tool.

The soul-gathering crystal had been in Mustard Seed for far too long.

After leaving Sunset Valley, he would have to use the soul-gathering crystal again.

Time slowly passed, and Jackie noticed, to his surprise, that his injuries were recovering faster than he had expected.

Jackie had thought that he would need to recuperate for at least five to six days.

He never expected that his injuries would already be mostly recovered in just about an hour after getting into the carriage.

This lessened a fraction of Jackie’s worries.

It seemed like Formational True Energy truly was something amazing.

Even though it overwhelmed and injured him internally, it was nourishing his body and increased his recovery.

After interacting with Chandler, Jackie was sure that he held no ill-will.

It was possibly like Chandler had said, and he just wanted an additional helping hand.

However, Jackie never fully trusted Chandler from the start, always wary for something unexpected to happen. With his strength mostly recovered, however, Jackie was not worried even if Chandler Suddenly attacked him.

Chandler’s strength was at the same level as his, but Jackie was certain that Chandler would not be able to defeat him.

Even though Rosefinch Pavilion was a fifth- grade clan, Chandler was just an informal disciple.

If Chandler had been talented, he would already be an inner disciple.

Thinking of that, Jackie let out a sigh as he visibly relaxed and leaned back against the chair.

“Chandler, do you know how I can enter Heavenly Pills?”

The moment he said that, the carriage suddenly stopped.

A surprised shout was suddenly heard outside, suddenly attracting Jackie and Chandler’s full attention.

The two of them looked out at the same time.

Chandler pushed open the curtains, and Jackie looked out.

The sight of three monstrous cows the size of cars greeted them.

Jackie frowned, searching for a memory of the strange cows in his mind, and he immediately determined that the cow was the Blazing One-eyed Bull that was at the late stage of the innate level.

With eyes in ruby red, the bulls were covered by a strange flame.

Their defenses were stifling to behold, and there were practically no weak points on them.

Thankfully, they were not very strong at attacking

However, they were beasts at the late stage of the innate level, and any regular warrior would not be able to beat them.

Jackie remembered that the bulls normally lived in solitude.

The bulls were no herd animals, yet there were three of them in front of them.

They constantly moved their heads around, crying out at the carriage. It was as if they had been challenged and would charge at any time.

Chandler’s face sank, and his breaths grew erratic, “They’re Blazing One-eyed Bulls! How could they be here? Did the monsters from the inner parts all rush Out?! Three Blazing One-eyed Bulls! Oh, we’re done for this time!”


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