No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2381

“You might be a fifth-grade alchemist, but you need to become a sixth-grade one to really earn a lot of spirit crystals. There’s still a long way to go.”

Chandler’s words were all out of kindness. He wanted to help Jackie plan a clear path forward for himself, not wanting Jackie to be blinded by the need to make spirit crystals.

Jackie might end up achieving nothing in the end if that was the case.

Even though Chandler was just an informal disciple in Rosefinch Pavilion, he had been within Rosefinch Pavilion’s territories for a long time.

He had a lot of basic knowledge.

Back then, he had wanted to be an alchemist. After all, he would be looked at with admiration if he managed to become a sixth-grade alchemist, and he would even make a lot of money as well.

However, after he understood how difficult it was to be an alchemist, he abandoned the thought. Becoming a sixth grade alchemist did not just require large amounts of effort and time-it also needed incredibly high talent.

The Way of the Pill was not something that could be understood just because someone wanted to.

The Way of the Pill was not a singular way of making pills.

Based on what he knew, there were five of six different Ways of the Pill just within Rosefinch Pavilion’s territories.

Some were easy, and some were simple.

There were those that made better pills and those that made worse.

However, no matter what kinds of pills they were, they were still incredibly hard to understand.

There were those who still could not understand it even after 20 years. Eight out of ten alchemists failed to achieve enlightenment.

It was obvious how difficult the Way of the Pill was. The youth before him might already be a fifth-grade alchemist, but he felt like Jackie would not be able to pass that hurdle. After all, it was far too difficult.

Chandler reached out and poured some tea for Jackie. After that, he said earnestly “If you really want to try, why don’t you head to Heavenly Pills? That place is recruiting new students”If you’re recruited by them, you’ll have the chance to learn the Way of the Pill the moment you become a sixth-grade alchemist, Heavenly Pills will write you a recommendation.

“You’ll then be able to take a test with the Middle Province Alchemists Alliance. Then, you’ll truly have a bright future.”

Jackie listened intently to Chandler’s explanations. His eyes widened as he asked, “Heavenly Pills? Middle Province Alchemists Alliance? There’s even a test?”

Jackie knew nothing of that common information at all. After all, he had not been in Hestia Continent for that long.

He had just learned about West Cercie State when he was transported to Middle Province.

He was scratching his head at everything.

Chandler let out a small laugh as he calmly explained, “Heavenly Pills is the largest pill store in Rosefinch Pavilion’s territories. They don’t just sell materials there; they also sell refined pills.

“It’s somewhere alchemists love to go. Ofcourse, they recruit students as well. The Middle Province Alchemists Alliance is as the name suggests. It’s an alliance of all the alchemists in Middle Province.

“They regularly hold tests. As long as you pass the test, you’ll be awarded the corresponding status. They’ll also provide you with the appropriate benefits. You can also take up assignments from them in exchange for spirit crystals or valuable materials.”

After Chandler’s explanation, Jackie completely understood why he needed to earn the approval of the Middle Province Alchemists Alliance. After passing the test, he would have more opportunities to earn spirit crystals.


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