No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2380

Chandler glanced at Jackie when he spoke, and sure enough, there was that dejected expression on Jackie’s face once more.

Chandler let out a slight laugh as he continued, “The third one has no restrictions when it comes to strength, but it’s not something you can do.”

Jackie frowned, taking a deep breath as he asked, “What’s the job?” Chandler slowly said, “An alchemist.”

The moment those words were heard,, Jackie immediately straightened, and there was a strange expression on his face.

The hopelessness written on his face earlier seemed to disappear suddenly, and it even looked like he had newfound hope.

Chandler looked at Jackie and asked, “Are you an alchemist?”

After saying that, he could not help but move his head backward, pulling away as he looked at Jackie properly. He seemed to see something from Jackie’s body. “What grade are you as an alchemist?”

Jackie did not hide the fact as he sincerely nodded. “I’m an alchemist, but I’m only a tan entry level. I’ma fifth-grade alchemist.”

Chandler nodded slightly. A fifth-grade alchemist would indeed be at the entry level. The pills he refined would only help those at the acquired level. For stronger warriors, fifth-grade alchemists were useless.

The jump from the fifth to the sixth grade was a great divide. Many alchemists were not able to pass that hurdle. If Jackie was a sixth-grade alchemist, then Chandler would have been interested in talking about it in further detail.

He shook his head somewhat helplessly. ” Alchemists can make money very quickly, but don’t forget the difference between alchemists.

“As an alchemist, you should know the tremendous distance between fifth and sixth-grade alchemists. Sixth-grade alchemists can make pills for innate level warriors.

The final step of creating sixth-grade pills require you to integrate the medicinal properties with the powers of nature.

It greatly improves the qualities of the pills.

Fifth-grade alchemists can’t do it at all, which is why their pills are only good for warriors of the acquired level.” Jackie nodded. Back when he was in the dual Sovereign Pavilion, he had looked into alchemy.

After all, Jackie had been a famous alchemist back in Daxia.

He had gained a lot from making pills and had even increased his own levels.

There were many similarities and differences when it came to alchemy in Hestia Continent and Daxia.

Jackie estimated that he was around the level of a fifth-grade alchemist in Hestia Continent.

Fifth-grade alchemists could not inject medicinal energies into their pills, and that was why only acquired level warriors could use them.

Only with those properties would pills be useful to those at the innate level and above.

That was why there was a huge gulf between sixth and fifth-grade alchemists, and alchemists would end up being stuck at the fifth.

The difference between the two grades was like night and day.

Chandler said somewhat helplessly, “If you want to become a sixth-grade alchemist, you’ll need to learn the Way of the Pill. Only after you understand it will you be able to increase the quality of your pills.

“If you plan on learning the Way of the Pill, you will need to get a master. Only through a master will you really be able to inherit the knowledge. However, any masters capable of creating incredibly high-level pills won’t easily accept students,”


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