No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2379

Chandler felt amused just thinking about it.

Even the chosen disciples in his clan would not be able to enter at all.

Not only did they lack the money, but they also lacked the ability.

A little innate level guy from West Cercie State like Jackie would never be able to.

Chandler pursed his lips in slight exasperation as he advised sincerely,” Since you’re already in Middle Province, you should find a place to stay if you don’t plan on going back anytime soon. Middle Province is vast, and its resources are much better than what you had in West Cercie State.”

Jackie nodded, looking at Chandler meaningfully. Even though he had just known Chandler for a short time, Jackie could see that Chandler was not someone interested in petty schemes or trickery.

Chandler was someone worth befriending. Jackie slowly lowered the walls he had put up “Middle Province really is quite rich in resources. Can you tell me what’s the best way to earn spirit crystals? The best is if I can earn a lot at once.”

After saying that, Jackie let out a laugh as he lowered his head somewhat helplessly. He knew that his question was quite absurd. It looked like he wanted to get on the fast track forward.

Regardless, he had to ask. After all, 900 million spirit crystals were not something that could be easily earned. He had to start planning right away.

Even though many obstacles were hindering him from going to Wild Gorge Pass, he still had to cut his way through them.

Jackie knew very well what the elders of the various clans were like before he was transported; they were there to fight over the Scarlet Case.

Those elders knew more than he did, of course, and they even understood the rules surrounding the Hidden Place for Resources Even they were fighting over the Scarlet Case, so it was obvious how important it was.

There were still many obstacles Jackie would face in the future, and he even needed to get into a first-grade world.

He needed all the resources he could get. Opening the Scarlet Case was something Jackie had to do.

Chandler looked at Jackie like something was wrong with Jackie’s head. He pursed his lips before, a long while later, shaking his head.

Chandler sighed. “Don’t you know that the higher you climb, the harder you fall? There are many ways to suddenly get rich, but there are so many warriors around.

Who could possibly accomplish it? “If you want to live a peaceful life in the Middle Province, you should stop thinking about reaching the peak instantly. Find a normal plan and slowly make some spirit crystals. You should stabilize your life first.”

Jackie raised his eyebrow slightly as he nodded, not able to retort. “You’re right. Honestly, I was just curious. I know I couldn’t possibly make so many spirit crystals so quickly. I just want to know what kind of jobs would allow it.”Chandler frowned, not able to say anything about Jackie’s explanation.

Even though he felt like Jackie was getting stranger by the minute, he still composed himself and spoke, “There are basically three different kinds of jobs that can make you spirit crystals quickly. The first is to be a mercenary for Lyndon Pavilion and help them accomplish various tasks. However, it’s not something anyone can do.

“First, you’ll need to be in the divine-solidifying realm. You’re just at the innate realm, so it’s still a long way to go.

The second kind isn’t much different from the first”You’ll need to have immense strength and enter mountains or domains of strong fiends. Then, you’d have to kill high-leveled fiends.

The beasts’ cores and other parts can be exchanged for spirit crystals. However, you’d just be food for the fiends if you aren’t strong enough.”


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