No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2378

Jackie had to suppress the internal shock he had.

“What world is Wild Gorge Pass from? Why would Middle Province have a passage into Wild Gorge Pass? If someone wanted to enter Wild Gorge Pass, how would they do it?”

Chandler raised an eyebrow at how eager Jackie seemed to want to know more. ” Surely you’re not planning on entering Wild Gorge Pass, do you now? I would advise against such a thought. Even if you had nine ninth-grade crystals, you’d just die inside.”

Jackie visibly soured at Chandler’s words; it seemed like he had trivialized the matter too much. He had thought that it would have been somewhere like the Hidden Place for Resources at most.

Even though he had encountered many dangers there, he had managed to turn danger into opportunity thanks to his talent and skill. However, after listening to Chandler’s simple explanation, Jackie found out what was different about Wild Gorge Pass. If the Hidden Place for Resources’ fiends had been in the late stage of the innate level, then the fiends on Wild Gorge Pass were at least at the divine-solidifying level. The two of them could not even be at the same level.

Thinking about that, Jackie gulped.

It would seem that his future path suddenly became bleaker.

He did not know if he could enter Wild Gorge Pass at all.

“What is a ninth-grade crystal? Where can I buy them?” asked Jackie, sounding rather despondent at the same time.

Chandler raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie. “The ninth-grade pill is something everyone wants to buy but can’t find. It’s not something you can buy just because you want to. It might be something similar to spirit crystals, but it’s hundreds of thousands of times more expensive”

After that, Chandler raised one finger.” This is the most recent price.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow at his gesture, “A hundred thousand spirit crystals?”

To Jackie, a hundred thousand spirit crystals was already an incredibly high price. After all, the most he would ever have was over a thousand.

Chandler let out a laugh as he shook his head. “What can a hundred thousand spirit crystals get you? It’s a hundred million! Even with that price, you might not be able to buy it if you had the money!

Jackie jumped when he heard the price. “A hundred million?!”

Chandler nodded. “That’s the price, alright. This is even a lower-end estimate, too, and this thing is impossible to find. If you want to buy it, you’d probably need to offer a higher price. Furthermore, a hundred million only gets you one of them!

“You’d need nine of them to get to Wild Gorge Pass from Middle Province. That’s why I said you should just give up on going”

Jackie’s face sank at this news. What an exorbitant price, that was! Unless he sold his Mustard Seed, he would never be able to afford it. Mustard Seed itself was something independent, and it absolutely Could not be sold.

That meant Jackie had to make all that money. He wondered how many years he would have to work to make enough.

Even if he had 900 million spirit crystals and earned the right to go to Wild Gorge Pass, how would he cope with the dangers within?

Would he be able to level up constantly in a short time? All those problems stared at Jackie in the face. Jackie felt like a massive rock was pressing down on his heart, and it felt incredibly bad.

Alas…he could not retreat at that point. There was no room for him to retreat, anyway.

Meanwhile, Chandler noted Jackie’s dispirited expression and was riddled with curiosity, Was this guy really planning on entering Wild Gorge Pass?


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