No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2377

A one-sided slaughter would only serve to thoroughly anger the other party, and it would end up triggering a bloodbath. Even if they did not meet, they would actively seek out the other party to kill.

Chandler could not help but be angered at the thought of this. “Those fighters can just turn around and leave, gloating after the slaughter, but those of us who are still growing and warriors end up suffering”They angered the fiends, and the ones who ended up being attacked are people like us. This path on Sunset Gorge used to be the safest way, and it usually only has a few beasts without any training.

“Even if we met any strong fiends, there wouldn’t be any conflicts. Now, with the earlier slaughter, those fiends have all gone crazy. They’ve rushed outside from within and attacked any humans in sight!” Chandler let out a helpless sigh, frustration etched deeply into his face.

Jackie frowned. He could understand how Chandler felt.

The carriage continued forward, and the two of them were lost in their own thoughts in the car. Nonetheless, Jackie focused on recovering and would occasionally chat with Chandler.

He wanted to understand the common knowledge within Rosefinch Pavilion’s territory as soon as possible. He did not have any plans on where he would go after leaving Sunset Gorge.

“Chandler, do you know of Wild Gorge Pass?” Jackie finally asked the question after mulling over it.

His goal for coming to Middle Province had been to get to Wild Gorge Pass, and he was meant to retrieve the key from Wild Gorge Pass to open the Scarlet Case, and he would then learn all the secrets.

Chandler was stunned when he heard those words.

After that, he suddenly turned around and stared at Jackie. “Why are you asking about Wild Gorge Pass? You don’t even know about Rosefinch Pavilion, so how could you know about Wild Gorge Pass?”

Chandler’s words took Jackie aback. It seemed like Wild Gorge Pass was an incredibly special place.

It was just a casual question, but Chandler had such a big reaction to his question.

Jackie let out a slight cough, rubbing his nose as he said, “I heard of it from some people. I heard that Wild Gorge Pass is in Middle Province. Do you know where it is? I heard the place is quite magical. I want to go and take a look..”

Jackie’s explanation sounded forced, even to himself, but he never expected Chandler to have such an intense reaction. He was forced to quickly find a plausible excuse.

Chandler frowned, shaking his head at Jackie. “That place has nothing to do with uS. It’s best if you don’t try to find out anything about it, even though it’s quite mystical. Definitely so!”

Saying that, a look of confusion was on Chandler’s face. However, it quickly disappeared as he sincerely added, “That place isn’t somewhere regular people can walk into. Even disciples from eighth-grade clans might not have a chance to enter”Jackie frowned as a serious look appeared on his face. “I was just curious as to where the Wild Gorge Pass was. Why is it so hard to enter? Are there conditions you need to meet?”

Chandler sighed helplessly. “There are some conditions, yes, but your information was wrong. Wild Gorge Pass isn’t in Middle Province The reason it’s related to Wild Gorge Pass is that there’s a transporter that heads to Wild Gorge Pass in Middle Province. Wild Gorge Pass is actually in a different world from Hestia Continent.”

Chandler’s words filled Jackie with surprise. Wild Gorge Pass was not in Middle Province? It was not even in the same world as Hestia Continent? Absurd!


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