No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2376

Maynard did not get the chance to finish his rant, however, as Chandler interrupted him, saying, “It’s fine, there’s no real reason for him to tell us anyway.

We’re just companions going in the same direction. Sir, you’re already injured.

Come sit in the carriage with me, you’ll have a smoother time to recuperate.”

Maynard was so frustrated that his whole body quaked.

He shook his head helplessly, unable to stop Jackie.

After getting into the carriage, Jackie chatted with Chandler for a while, finally figuring out where he was.

Middle Province was very big, and it was the biggest landmass on the Hestia Continent.

The Middle Kingdom’s territories were divided in a very casual manner.

It was divided based on the area of influence of various clans.

For instance, there were three clans in the south of Middle Province, so it was split into three territories.

Jackie’s current position was closer to the Rosefinch Pavilion, so it was called the Rosefinch Pavilion’s territory.

Chandler seemed visibly excited as he explained it all to Jackie as if gladdened that he could share that information with others.

It was a good way for him to show off how knowledgeable he was.

“Middle Province is also split into the inner and outer region, and the Rosefinch Pavilion is in the outer region. The outer region is relatively poorer in resources.

The clans around the region are grade- five clans at most.

“The truly strong clans are all in the inner region, and the inner region is where most of the resources in Middle Province are. Even the lowest-ranked clans are sixth-grade clans. There are even many grade seven and eight clans.” Jackie’s eyes brightened when he heard the introductions, seemingly elated.

Jackie was not happy because of the strength of Middle Province, but rather, he was incredibly relieved that he had not been sent to the inner region where all the strong warriors were.

After all, anywhere the strong gathered meant it would be a more dangerous place. Jackie was still at the innate stage, and he needed to step into the spring solidifying realm before he would be able to truly protect himself.

“You said that Sunset Gorge was especially dangerous, didn’t you? How dangerous is it? Will we encounter any fiends in the spring solidifying realm?” questioned Jackie.

Of course, Jackie did not truly know much about this place, and if their luck was nasty enough that they encounter a fiend In the spring solidifying realm, he would probably be the only survivor, considering the strength of everyone here.

Thinking about everything that had happened the past few days, Chandler let out a deep sigh and had a helpless look in his eyes. ‘”It’s dangerous because a few strong fighters suddenly decided to slaughter the fiends in Sunset Gorge for some unknown reason”The smell of blood hung heavily in the air for the past few days, and anyone who went past Sunset Gorge would be able to smell it.

That’s exactly why the fiends smell it. That’s exactly why the fiends on Sunset Gorge started to attack humans without any regard.

“We’ll be moving along the outer boundaries of Sunset Gorge, but it’s still no guarantee. Any fiend we meet will end up attacking us.”

Jackie frowned. “You don’t know why they’re killing the fiends?”

Chandler nodded. “I don’t know, but even if we don’t know the details, we can guess. There must be treasure; that’s the only reason those strong fighters would have moved.

“Yet, they should not have slaughtered the fiends so much, leading to the fiends completely hating humans. As long as they see any humans, the fiends will attack relentlessly. We’re no longer living alongside each other in peace like before.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, thinking about everything he had encountered on Mount Beasts.

There was a very basic rule no matter where one went.

Humans and fiends might constantly fight each other, but they would never go overboard, slaughtering the other party with reckless abandon.


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