No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2375

Jackie’s words caused even Maynard to widen his eyes. The others looked at Jackie with curious expressions, and Jackie pursed his lips helplessly.

Normally, he would have kept this to himself. However, the people in front of him were nowhere intimidatingly powerful.

Even if they wanted to do something to him, they would not be able to stop Jackie from escaping.

That was why Jackie was much more honest than usual. Maynard took a step forward and sized Jackie up, as if wanting to notice something from Jackie’s clothes. It was obvious that he did not know anything about West Cercie State and could not tell.

After a long time, he finally said, “Where were you from before?”

Jackie composed himself, having no intention of even explaining himself.

“It’s my first time in the Middle Province.”

Maynard frowned at this and said, and somewhat sourly at that, “Don’t worry, we’re not planning on doing anything to you.

Our master just wants to invite you to come with us. He just wants one more person around. It’s very dangerous here.

If you stay alone, you might not be able to survive for even two days.

“However, if you come with us, it’s actually quite dangerous for us not knowing your background.”

Maynard’s words were quite polite. Even though there was a hint of a threat within his response, the tone was quite measured.

Jackie looked at Maynard. “I don’t want to say anything because I don’t know your background as well. If you want me to be honest, you’d have to at least show some sincerity.”

Maynard could not help but let out a cold laugh as he heard that. “You truly are bold.

You’re just a brat in the initial stage of the innate level, and you’re demanding us? Let me tell you, you should be begging us right now.

If we don’t bring you along, you’ll never survive!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking like he Was unfazed. “You’re right. If you don’t bring me with you, I might be putting my life on the line here.

“However, if I don’t know more about you and just follow you forward, would I not be in danger as well?

Maynard was red with anger. He wanted to shout but merely turned to Chandler and said, “Let’s go. This”

Before he could finish, Chandler stopped him, saying, “I’m an informal disciple of the fifth-grade clan, Rosefinch Pavilion. I’m heading home because something happened back there.

“However, before I embarked, I heard that Sunset Valley isn’t that safe lately; there have been a lot of fiend-related incidents. I’m worried that I’d run into high-level fiends on the way home, so I planned on inviting you to come with me.”

Maynard’s lips twitched. He really wanted to ask why Chandler was so polite to that brat Why was that brat so brazen?

Since Chandler had already spoken up, it would be insulting to Maynard if he started to utter some disparaging words, so he was forced to swallow his words.

He turned around as he looked at Jackie angrily. Jackie raised an eyebrow, not expecting the man in front of him to be so sincere.

Since they were honest toward him, Jackie would not continue being difficult. He let out sigh. “I come from West Cercie State. Don’t worry, I’m not a bad person. I won’t stab you in the back.”

Maynard’s face darkened, almost slapping Jackie in the face. “Why are you like this? Mister Chandler has even told you which clan he’s from, but all you said was that you’re from West Cercie State?!


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