No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2374

The man offered a kind smile. “Sir, why are you at Sunset Valley? Are you being hunted by your enemies?

In that situation, Chandler would not have normally asked a stranger something so sensitive, but he was a bit anxious, so he did not hold back on his questions.

Jackie frowned, a hint of unhappiness flashed on his face. He nodded to Chandler.

“There are no enemies after me, I just injured myself while training.”

Jackie was not lying. The moment he said that, Jackie clutched the staff in his hand and prepared to distance himself from the carriage.

He had seen the level of the man in the carriage. At just this age, he was already at the late stage of the innate level. He should be a disciple of a clan. Even though he did not know if the man was friend or foe, Jackie was not planning on making any friends.

Looking at Jackie about to leave, Chandler hurriedly said, “Please, wait. You’re already injured. Inside Sunset Valley, whilst you’re already injured there’s a good chance you’ll die.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, suddenly realizing where he was. After being sent by that old man so far away, he had no idea where he had been transported to.

Based on what that person said, Sunset Valley was a dangerous place to be. If he walked away alone, he might actually end up dying .

He let out a sigh. It seemed like he would be forced to make a friend.

He turned around to look at Chandler earnestly. “Thank you for telling me that. In truth, I was transported from far away.

I entered a secret realm a while ago and accidentally fell into a wormhole. After that, I was transported here. I was clueless about my whereabouts before.”

Jackie’s explanation was partially honest, but it was not the full story. He admitted that he had been transported over before everything around him was unknown.

If he said anything, it would have been easy to reveal any lies, so he decided to tell a partial truth.

When he heard Hack’s explanation, Chandler’s eyes widened as he looked at Jackie strangely.

He was stunned for a moment before he continued, “So you mean you’re not from around here? You were sent here by a long range transporter?”

Jackie nodded. “I had entered a hidden realm to explore with some fellow disciples and accidentally ended up here. Where is this place?”

Chandler nodded, not looking like he completely believed Jackie. Nonetheless, he still explained, “This is the southern part of Middle Province. It’s part of Rosefinch Pavilion’s territory.”

Rosefinch Pavilion? Jackie was stumped. He had never heard of that name before.

Nonetheless, he truly was in Middle Province.

The old man had told Jackie that the key was in Wild Gorge Pass, and Wild Gorge Pass was in the Middle Province. Since that old man wanted to send him off, he had naturally been sent to the Middle Province.

However, Jackie had never heard of Rosefinch Pavilion before nor did he know how close Rosefinch Pavilion was to Wild Gorge Pass.

Chandler very sharply caught the confusion in Jackie’s eyes. He immediately understood that the young man before him had probably never heard of Rosefinch Pavilion before.

The curiosity in his heart stirred. “You don’t know Rosefinch Pavilion?”

Jackie stopped. He wanted to say he knew Rosefinch Pavilion, but he knew far too little about the Middle Province. If he said he did, it would be easily seen through, and would be meaningless.

Thus, Jackie nodded. “This is my first time in the Middle Province.”


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