No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2373

Hearing this, Maynard answered somewhat anxiously, “Sir, it’s best if we just keep to ourselves. We don’t know where this person is from. If we’re to genuinely meet anything later, he might end up harming us.”

Chandler sighed, nodding slightly as he suddenly had a resolved look in his eyes.

You’re right. Sunset Valley hasn’t been safe lately, and we’re only going this way because we were tight on time.

“If anything happens, we’d at least have another helping hand. Even though it’s hard to guess what’s in the hearts of men, he’s still a human. Most of the dangers on Sunset Valley are fiends. He probably won’t harm us.”

Chandler’s explanation did not really gave Maynard any peace, but Maynard could see that Chandler wanted to help the man, nonetheless.

“Sir, please think about this,” Maynard insisted, still wary in his speech. “Even though he’s a human just like us and might not attack us, he might stab us in the back to steal what we have when we’re in a difficult spot.”

Chandler held his hand up. “Even though there are a lot of petty people in the world, this person is obviously hurt. He’s not deliberately waiting there to meet us.

“Then, the chances of him being a bad person are low. Let’s talk to him later and just be a bit more careful.”

Maynard’s expression stiffened. “It’s still think not”

Before he could finish, Chandler interrupted him again, “I saw that the person is only at the early stage of the innate level; he wouldn’t even be able to beat you. Furthermore, there are so many of us here. Don’t worry, bringing him with us is just an added layer of protection.

Maynard looked over at Jackie. Even though Jackie had yet to show any unusual movements and was even voluntarily giving way, not even bothering to greet them, he was still concerned.

This kid is injured. Bringing him would be dangerous Chandler sighed. He had to admit that Maynard was right. Nonetheless, he was incredibly worried that the journey would not be a safe one. If anything happened, it would not be a small matter.

That was why Chandler wanted to bring an outsider with them. It would at least be of some help if anything dangerous happened.

“You’re right, but let’s look at the situation first. If we feel like something’s wrong with this person, then let’s drop it.

As the two of them talked, the carriage arrived next to Jackie. Jackie retrieved a wooden staff from Mustard Seed.

In truth, he was incredibly tense as well, Even though the carriage had appeared suddenly and would probably not just randomly attack, it was difficult to guarantee that they would not attack him when they saw his injured state.

Furthermore, in such a barren place, killing would be easy.

When the carriage suddenly stopped, Jackie became serious and readied himself to attack.

Sure, he was heavily injured, but it was due to absorbing Formational True Energy.

His body was rapidly recovering, so he still had some ability to fight.

Jackie frowned as he took a step back.

A blue-clothed servant reached out and opened the carriage.

A man the same age as Jackie came out.

Sporting a deep blue robe, he had long hair and looked like the scion of a noble family.


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