No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2372

“Don’t worry, I’ve already distributed all the pills. Everyone’s very thankful. I won’t be returning to Mustard Seed in the next few days. Let me take care of you here, or I won’t be able to relax.”

Jackie let out a small sigh. Truth be told, he did not want to let Selena accompany him in this foreign place. After all, he was heavily injured, and he had no idea about this place they were in.

If any dangers appeared, he was not even sure if he could keep himself safe, let alone Selena.

Selena furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the energy within Jackie. “Isn’t the Formational True Energy meant to increase your level? Why does it look like you’re at the initial stage of the innate level right now, like me?”

Jackie sighed as he explained, “Formational ‘True Energy does increase my realm. I’m actually already at the late stage of the innate level, and I’m just one foot away from the spring solidifying realm. It’s just that Formational True energy was far too overwhelming. The internal injuries I suffered are what’s making me look like i’m in this state.”

Selena nodded and was just about to say something when they suddenly heard the sound of a carriage in the distance.

Jackie hurriedly said, “Hurry up and go back to Mustard Seed. Someone’s coming.”

Selena nodded and immediately entered the Mustard Seed.

Jackie took a deep breath as he looked toward where the noise was from. The other party did not seem to have any intentions to hide, and the wheels on the carriage made a lot of noise as it passed through.

There were four servants in front of the carriage. The servants were actually dressed very well, so it was probably no ordinary carriage.

Jackie frowned, mumbling to himself in his heart, wondering who they were. However, they should not be too highly ranked if they were just on a horse carriage.

Even though fiends had their pride and would not easily submit to humans, it was not impossible to subdue them. Subduing one or two fiends to serve oneself was very possible.

Normally, those of higher statuses would purchase fiends as transportation instead of carriages. Those beasts were fast and were able to fight.

However, the incoming group was only on a simple horse carriage. They were probably notable among common folk but not much compared to practitioners.

Jackie looked at the four servants. They were all at the acquired level, nowhere formidable, and he would be able to deal with them alone. Since the servants were that easy to take out, the one inside the carriage should not be that strong either.

Jackie slowly eased up with the thought. He felt like sitting on the floor like he was doing would definitely attract attention.

He did not want to be involved with anything, so he tried to stand up to give way to them.

The moment he stood up, he saw someone behind the carriage. Seemingly in his forties or fifties, the person looked a little frail but was at the intermediate stage of the innate level.

Jackie paused as he looked into the carriage again. It was a pity that the carriage was covered by a thick blue cloth, and he could not even look inside.

With someone at the intermediate stage of the innate level as a bodyguard, the person inside must be someone important.

Steward Maynard frowned as he looked forward. There was a man who seemed to be injured in the middle of the road and was struggling to even stand up.

Looking at him, the man seemed to be trying to give way. The driver immediately relayed the information to Chandler South inside.

Chandler immediately looked out when he heard the driver’s words. “Stop when you get to him.”


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